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Domain DNS Info

Why You Need to Know Your Domain DNS Info

Why You Need to Know Your Domain DNS Info   The majority of internet users probably wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between their domain name server information and their IP address, let alone know why it matters that they know this information. The reality is that your domain name server information, also […]

Domain DNS Settings

Here Is About Domain DNS Settings

Domain DNS Settings   There are generally a few designs related to DNS client settings for Active Directory domain controllers. Preferred the DNS client configuration depends on the design of the Active Directory infrastructure. Set DNS client settings to point to themselves   The main advantage of setting the client’s settings to point to itself […]

DNS Domain Name

What is DNS Domain Name?

DNS Domain Name   The Domain Name System is the hierarchical naming system based on a distributed database of computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network. Most importantly, it translates human-readable domain names into digital identifiers associated with networking equipment, allowing devices to be located and communicated worldwide. DNS […]

DNS Record

DNS Record Types, Servers, And Queries

DNS record types, servers, and queries How does DNS work DNS is the global system for translating IP addresses into human-readable domain names. For example, when a user tries to access a web address such as “,” their web browser or application performs a DNS query against the server, providing the hostname. The DNS server […]

Domain Names

The Importance of Creating Good Domain Names

The Importance of creating good Domain Names Domain names create a unique identity for your website and represent your brand. Organizations should choose a domain name that matches their brand name so that users can easily find it on the Internet. Usually, a public domain name identifies a generic category. You want to avoid this […]

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