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The Importance of Creating Good Domain Names

The Importance of creating good Domain Names

Domain names create a unique identity for your website and represent your brand. Organizations should choose a domain name that matches their brand name so that users can easily find it on the Internet.

Usually, a public domain name identifies a generic category. You want to avoid this unless your company has an established brand based on a generic term (such as

However, most of the time, companies must choose specific domain names that identify their company or brand.

On the other hand, a target domain name can attract visitors to your website. For example, if you register the domain name that matches your business concept instead of your business name, you can attract web surfers.

Let’s say you own the music store but have registered a domain name like It will invite visitors who were looking for pianos or piano tuning.

A firm domain name does more than define your brand. It enhances your brand credibility and improves your domain’s SEO.

Proof of Credibility

In short, having a custom domain name makes your business look professional. For small businesses, it’s tempting to build a website with a free service, especially during startup.

If you’ve ever published with a free web hosting site, you know that your URL will contain the name of the host’s company instead of yours. For example, websites published via Weebly would look like this: “”

Public web addresses do not inspire trust in the brand. On the contrary, a registered domain name identifies you as an official company.

Take control of your URL

It also lets customers know that you are tech-savvy. Moreover, it allows you to take control of your website and make changes as your business grows.

Having a domain name means transferring to a new host or switching to your server for internal hosting. Customers will not notice any of these changes.

But if you will don’t own your domain name because switching hosts can mean taking the new URL. Such a change will destroy the brand you built on the first web address.

Create brand awareness

The domain name builds your brand by increasing your brand awareness. If your domain name is complementary to your company name, it enhances your brand. It’s easy for visitors to remember your site and come back to it later.

It will be easy to remember the correct domain name and quickly pass it on to friends. A memorable domain name is about generating website traffic, building your brand, and increasing sales.

SEO domain

Did you do a Google search for your company’s brand? Most companies that invest in SEO analysis have done this.

They understand the importance of knowing that what kind of resources are ranked when searching for your company name or domain name. However, you can find ranking challenging, even using your company name.

Your competitors may have logically similar names. If you’re reading this and haven’t decided on a domain name yet, Google is your top pick. Check out the search results.

Take some drawing to pick a unique name that makes the SEO ranking easy.

Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords has the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool that you can use to find out your domain name’s ranking. It shows the order for other countries and the different Google versions as well.

Be selective with keywords.

While keywords are important for the SEO, you don’t need a domain name loaded with keywords. Instead, a creative brand name/domain with fewer keywords is the best option.

For example, if you are building a company that serves as a guide to finding the best nightclubs in Chicago, you may want to choose a domain called on

This way, you have only one crucial keyword (Chicago) listed in the domain. Though, it also avoids unwanted SEO. It creates a memorable domain name with branding in mind.

Domain Search / Update Google EMD

Remember that Google published the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update in 2012. Unfortunately, this update resulted in low-quality exact-match domains not ranking well in searches.

This is all the more reason to come up with a spammy domain name for your brand.

Top Level Domain (TLD)

A top-level domain (TLD) is the last part of your domain name. It’s the part that comes right after the “dot.” TLDs fall into two categories, generic TLDs and country-specific. TLDs are also sometimes called domain suffixes.

Some examples of common TLDs that you are well familiar with are .net and . com and .biz and . edu. and org and .gov. In addition, a TLD often represents the purpose and type of domain.

Government websites contain a .gov TLD, for example. Country-specific TLDs define the country of origin. For instance, Canadian TLDs end in .ca. US sites can end in .us

The Internet Corporation for the Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) deals with domains and IP addresses.

Choose a domain name

Choosing the perfect domain name is essential to establishing your online presence.

Here are some of the checklist items to consider when making this critical decision. They all reflect and extend the principles we have discussed thus far.


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