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Domain Names for Sale: How to Find a Great Domain Name for Sale

Domain Names for Sale: How to find the great domain name for sale


There are so much places where you can find domain names available for sale. However, it is a very competitive business; if you are not careful, you could pay a lot for a domain name.

First, we recommend finding a unique domain name idea for yourself. Then, use the domain availability checker to see if the requested name is available for registration.

This way, you can find a domain name at a regular price of between $10-14.99 per year.

Find a great domain name for sale

Finding a domain name can be tricky. You may feel like all the good ideas for a domain name are already taken.

However, in case if you are willing to invest in buying the shorter, more popular, and more brilliant domain name, then Domain Markets can be the good resource.

This will helps you narrow down the search and get the domain name that is not available for the registration.

We recommend using platforms like the Sedo and Flippa to find unique premium domain names for sale. These platforms provide better tools for secure transfer of domain ownership, better tools for assessing seller reputation, and are trusted by legitimate companies worldwide.

How to do your due diligence when buying a premium domain for sale


After you’ve found a unique domain name you’d like to buy, it’s time to do some due diligence before moving forward.

Domain names that have already been used may be blocked, flagged as spam, or have a bad reputation. Therefore, purchasing this domain name may affect your business.

Fortunately, you can use tools to do your homework before buying.

First, you may want to ensure that the domain name is not the registered trademark of an existing business.

According to the ICANN rules, if a domain name infringes a company’s registered trademark, it can claim the domain name or also ask you to remove it.

You can check the US Patent and the Trademark Office database to perform a quick trademark search for your domain name to see that a company already registers it.

Next, you may want to see if the domain name was previously used to create a website. The most easy way to do this is to use the Wayback Machine. This vast archive crawls the internet and takes screenshots of websites.

You may also want to search historical domain name records using Whois tools. This lets you see when the domain name was created and last renewed, DNS changes, and historical data.

Finally, you may want to check if the domain name has been misused for sending spam, spreading malware, or other malicious activities. You can run a quick test to check the domain’s health to see if it raises any red flags.

Domain name registrants


The first place to look for the domain name is to use the domain search tool.

We recommend starting with the free business name generator tool to research domain names and generate new ideas simultaneously.

Alternatively, you can perform a domain search through a domain name registrar. These companies allow ICANN to sell the domain names to the general public.

Not all domain registrars are the same.

Some try to increase sales of other services that you may not need. Others are trying to lock you down by making it difficult to transfer the domain name.

This makes it difficult for the beginners to do their domain name search and find a branded name for their business or blog.


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