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Top 9 Cheapest email marketing software

Why are we looking for cheapest email Marketing Software? Today’s email marketing is still a force to be feared. Why? It is the 3,800% ROI and more. How can the best email marketing software be chosen? This article examines the statistics to determine who wins.

Cheapest email marketing software

Before we look at cheapest email marketing software, we should find answer to what is a hosting service for emails?

You may create a new email account, a personalized email address, send emails, and store your communications using an email hosting provider. Everything is within its control, even the size of your files and how quickly your communications are transmitted and received.

Depending on your demands, you may choose between free and premium email hosting providers. Free services often have less features and smaller inbox and attachment capacity restrictions. However, free accounts with unlimited storage and secure email are available.

Larger attachments, the ability to create email identities at a personal domain, and even encrypted email communications are all features of paid email hosting services.

Cheapest email marketing software | Omnisend

Omnisend has the 4.7-star rating. With no prior coding experience, you can create shoppable emails with Omnisend. This email marketing tool is designed specifically for e-commerce, and it even includes an automatic coupon generator.

You can quickly and simply create eye-catching email campaigns with Omnisend’s automatic workflow templates, pre-made dynamic forms, and email templates with expert design.

A user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, SMS marketing, and potent e-commerce segmentation capabilities are further features.

You may send up to 500 emails each month using the free plan; premium plans start at $16 per month and go up as your subscriber base expands.



Even iContact, ranked #8 among email marketing services, is a top choice, receiving 4.4 out of 5 stars from 3,264 marketing experts. Oh boy is it strong, and it’s really user-friendly. Small-to-medium sized enterprises benefit greatly from its anti-spam policies and convenient measurements.

Create targeted and triggered emails that are sent when someone opens, clicks, or doesn’t open them. Manage contacts and do A/B testing directly from the app. Additionally, iContact integrates with Salesforce, and you may use multi-user access to enable team collaboration prior to sending



All-in-one email service cheapest email marketing software provider Moosend offers competitive pricing and outstanding marketing automation and segmentation tools. Even for those new to marketing, it’s one of the most affordable email options with a user-friendly interface.

You may create eye-catching newsletters to grab your audience’s attention with our revamped drag-and-drop editor or one of our 80+ pre-made email themes. To improve your lead generation efforts, the program also enables you to create landing pages and sign-up forms in a few easy clicks.

Your ability to deliver more targeted emails to your subscribers and increase conversion rates is one of Moosend’s major strengths.

To send the appropriate messages at the appropriate time, you may also using the SMTP server set up:

  • Automated processes
  • Autoresponders
  • Transactional emails

Additionally, you can keep track of which emails work best to guarantee higher open rates and click-through rates in the future thanks to the real-time analytics and statistics.

Additionally, you receive effective A/B testing for your email subject lines and content to get the maximum results out of your campaigns. Last but not least, for optimal effectiveness, Moosend may be integrated with your current marketing stack, such as your CRM application. ActiveCampaign

The next program in our list of the cheapest email marketing software is ActiveCampaign, which offers a wide range of capabilities in a well-liked package. Due to all the capabilities, its UI might be busy, but once you get over that, you’ll be amazed by its extensive list of third-party integrations and user-friendliness.

Although their phone help is weak, their online support is renown. Use pre-made themes, creative layouts, and pictures to quickly get started. One of the few top email marketing systems available in general.



First and foremost, Sendinblue is a name that is well-known in the email marketing industry. This is an email marketing platform that is completely functioning and has a number of features to help you create, send, and enhance your email campaigns.

Along with a number of reasonably priced monthly options, it also offers a sizable free tier. Marketers refer to it as the best alternative to Mailchimp and GetResponse for a number of reasons.

Constant Contact Cheapest email marketing software

Drag-and-drop email creation and customization are made simple using Constant Contact’s drag-and-drop email builder, and the automations feature enables you to develop trigger-based email series for improved subscriber engagement.

It is an excellent alternative for ecommerce companies due to the capability of importing subscribers from external lists and the transactional email component.



It might be wise for small business owners to seek for a cheap email marketing solution made for businesses exactly like yours. A solution made expressly with the requirements of small businesses in mind is Cakemail, the least expensive email marketing software.

It is one of the least expensive options for email marketing software and offers several helpful time-saving capabilities.

Cakemail is a great alternative if you’re searching for something straightforward and efficient.

It makes list management and email campaign creation simple and straightforward, albeit lacking some of the email automation tools more complex systems provide.

It’s a good choice for small firms that merely need to choose recipients, add subject lines, type their message, and push send—no complex capabilities for lead creation.



With everything you need to operate your business, including email hosting and a content management system, HubSpot cheapest email marketing software Omnisend is renowned for its all-in-one CRM application. You may instantly access all of HubSpot’s Free Tools if you have an account.

This entails that you are able to:

  • Utilize their free website hosting
  • Online form builder
  • Email marketing and automation tool
  • Live chat feature
  • Reporting dashboard

Other features all without having to spend a dime.

You may also use HubSpot’s support resources, knowledge base, and community. These tools include a variety of drag-and-drop capabilities to make your marketing activities simpler.

However, the free plan also has its limits. You require the Marketing Hub Starter plan, which starts at $20/month, for higher limits, more automated steps, and more sophisticated capabilities.

Overall, HubSpot offers all the resources a small firm needs to launch, but one drawback is that as your audience expands, the pricing structure steepens.

Cheapest email marketing software AutoPilot

The following item on our list of email marketing services has significantly improved after receiving a 2.5-star evaluation from PCMag in 2016. Over 170 speed-enhancing templates, a simple drag-and-drop editor, and the option to connect with Facebook, emails, SMS, and other services are all new features introduced to AutoPilot.

The app provides attractive, relevant messaging that adapt to match whichever screen your clients use and is supported by 24-hour customer care. It offers a professional campaign assessment and interfaces with Facebook, and other platforms.



Email marketing software that is so effective that everyone uses it has merit. Popularity is what MailChimp cheapest email marketing software is known for. The first 20 review pages had over 40,000 consumer reviews. That’s amazing, but what’s even more amazing is its 4.4-star rating despite having such a sizable client base.

A full-featured marketing platform with a website builder, hosting, and popular CRM tools is offered by this dominant player in the email business. They provide amazing design tools that make it simple to integrate your shop and even convert your emails into scheduled social media postings.

Things to Take Into Account When Selecting Cheapest email marketing software

When evaluating the top email services, we don’t research for cheapest email marketing software only, there are a variety of distinct aspects to take into account.


Safety and security should be your top priorities when choosing an email hosting provider. Your email’s content and data will be safeguarded and secure from potential assaults if the email hosting provider delivers security.

The service you select should provide you with cutting-edge capabilities like anti-spam filtering, anti-malware, and other measures that prevent data loss.

Verify that the hosting provider adheres to rules and holds certificates that increase your security.

Choose a host that is compliant with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), since this indicates that their service is accepted by the government and healthcare industries.

This category also includes backup. Your data can be quickly recovered if an attack occurs if your email hosting service provides frequent backups.

Hosting providers with internationally redundant servers and a support staff of professionals make this capability available. Make sure the email hosting service you pick provides you with this option.

How Big Your Business is & cheapest email marketing software

When selecting an email hosting company, your organization’s size ought to come first. Small businesses with less than ten workers might not require all of the functionality provided by more robust email hosting packages.

However, if your company is bigger and has more employees, you will want a solution that can meet your demands. Make sure to carefully research your options and choose a service that satisfies your needs.

Certain domains

Checking if an email hosting provider allows you to generate email accounts at a custom domain is one of the first things to do. For the finest business email hosting, it’s crucial to be able to generate email addresses at your domain.

Using a custom domain rather than Gmail or Yahoo! makes your business appear more professional.


Additionally cheapest email marketing software, the email hosting provider should provide you with:

  • Adaptability
  • Device compatibility
  • App and online synchronization

Access to your email, tasks, lists, shared contacts, and calendars is a benefit you shouldn’t ignore, regardless of how big or little your organization is.

However, since some small businesses won’t need all the features offered by the email hosting provider, they should have the choice to choose what they want and what would be superfluous for their enterprise.

You should pay close attention to all the services provided and carefully evaluate them because not every email server would give you this level of adaptability.

Cheapest email marketing software

Depending on your needs, email hosting can range from free to highly expensive. It pays to compare pricing amongst email providers, especially if you can benefit from a limited-time promotion.


Along with conversation, emails are commonly used for collaboration and storage. Choose email hosting providers with a large amount of storage. On average, each user should get 2GB of storage capacity.

Therefore, there are providers that allow you the option to archive critical email so that you don’t have a congested inbox. This will keep the most current conversations out of your inbox and the most important emails in the archive box.

Look for a host that has the ability to centralize all of your data and the ability to automatically archive older mails. Your server should perform frequent backups of the archived emails to ensure security and prevent data loss.

24/7 assistance

It’s crucial to have a simple way to contact your host if you’re experiencing issues sending and receiving emails or can’t set up an email account. You can determine what’s incorrect in this manner. Many of the best email servers include live chat and phone help around-the-clock. You could discover that certain hosts’ premium email hosting plans come with priority assistance.

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It’s important to keep in mind that not every email hosting service will be a good fit for your company when taking into account all of these variables, including:

  1. The size of your company
  2. The type of email communication
  3. The quantity of emails you plan to send and receive
  4. The level of security and customer support required
  5. Flexibility and compatibility with your company your budget

Because choosing the finest email hosting provider may have a significant influence on your company’s communication, do your homework and get all of your questions answered to be sure you are making the greatest choice for your organization.

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