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Top 7 Mailchimp Alternatives ever

Many people are looking for Mailchimp alternatives after the firm announced another 15–18% pricing rise for its older clients. The modification ended up being the deciding factor when coupled with the lack of features and inadequate support.

Want to buy email marketing for less money? Use of Mailchimp may not be the best option.

There are other alternatives to Mailchimp available. The greatest alternatives for email are listed below if you’re looking for them.

Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp Alternatives
Mailchimp Alternatives

Despite being a well-liked option for consumers for more than a decade, Mailchimp has been losing its devoted subscribers for a variety of reasons.

Originally an email marketing program, Mailchimp today offers an integrated marketing platform as part of its unique selling proposition. Among other things, they have incorporated stores and marketing automation.

The ‘legacy’ consumers of Mailchimp are concerned about this growth because they feel that Mailchimp is losing emphasis on its main strengths, which include email marketing and core competencies. Mailchimp just began charging new users for Audiences rather than just active subscribers and added an option to run Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising as well.

And these sudden, sweeping changes pushed both current and future Mailchimp users to search for alternatives.

We have compiled a list of Mailchimp rivals with a detailed comparison of their features and costs in order to make things simple for you.

Before picking a Mailchimp alternative, consider the following.

  • Which characteristics do I need most urgently?
  • How many subscribers are still active?
  • Do sign-up forms and pop-up windows help me create leads?
  • How many emails a month will I send, and what sort of emails?
  • What degree of expertise do I have as an email marketer? Intermediate, Advanced, or Beginner

Mailchimp: What is it?

Mailchimp Alternatives
Mailchimp Alternatives

Every mid-size firm may benefit from using Mailchimp, an email marketing tool that offers a large number of functions, to enhance its email marketing campaigns.

A marketing automation platform with a number of cutting-edge capabilities, Mailchimp was founded in 2001 by:

  • Ben Chestnut
  • Mark Armstrong
  • Dan Kurzius

The following is a list of the capabilities that Mailchimp provides to its users:

  • Email creators
  • Optimizer for content
  • Building the Consumer Journey
  • Automated email marketing
  • Early reporting
  • Business emails
  • Surveys
  • Traditional connections as well as a mobile app

With a ton of capabilities, Mailchimp has been successful in establishing itself when it comes to email campaigns, a powerful email marketing platform that business owners have at least heard of once.

Using Mailchimp, a potent email marketing tool:

  • You can expand your eCommerce business and raise your revenue by producing attractive emails that pique the interest of your target market.
  • Utilizing advanced segmentation.
  • Devoting more time to other tasks that require your attention due to advanced automation.
  • Acting swiftly on decisions based on the information you learn from email analytics.

Why would you search for Mailchimp alternatives?

Especially for Shopify stores, Mailchimp used to be a terrific email marketing platform. but no more. Currently, this app has a dismal Shopify rating of 3.4 stars, a large number of disgruntled users, and unfavorable reviews.

Here are some reasons why users are migrating to Mailchimp alternatives:

  • Rising prices: Multiple price increases have been made by Mailchimp; the most recent one was announced in December 2022.
  • Limited plan for free: Every aspect of Mailchimp’s free membership is subject to limitations; even the 30-day email support period is a limitation.
  • Small-scale A/B testing: Users complain that they are unable to isolate emails within tests or split test automation>
  • Bad customer service for the free plan: Mailchimp’s 30-day email-based customer care limit prevents free users from receiving adequate assistance unless they upgrade.
  • Emails with unimpressive templates: The only themes available in Mailchimp’s free plan are simple, generic designs—not exactly the ideal method to wow clients.
  • Limited analytics and reporting: Users require real-time reporting and analytics services in Mailchimp to help them better understand their audiences.
  • Shopify’s issues with data privacy: Back in 2019, Mailchimp’s refusal to abide by Shopify’s data usage policies led to a nasty separation. Mailchimp just made a comeback, however, the app’s functionality is still lacking.

The Best Alternatives to MailChimp

Following are our picks for the top Mailchimp rivals based on all of our tests. For a complete analysis, scroll below.

Constant Contact

Mailchimp Alternatives
Mailchimp Alternatives

The greatest email marketing platform for startups and nonprofits is Constant Contact.

They allow you to quickly and easily produce professional email newsletters using a drag-and-drop editor.

You receive all the necessary tools, including the capacity to control email lists and monitor email deliverability and open rates. Their lovely reports let you see how effective your email marketing strategies are.

With the help of Constant Contact’s fundamental email automation tools, you can automatically resend emails to recipients who haven’t opened them, send welcome emails to new subscribers, and trigger emails depending on user activity.

Additionally, their email marketing tool makes it simple to do A/B testing so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your subject lines and make any necessary adjustments.

Additionally, it features facilities built-in for eCommerce solutions to assist you in connecting with current clients. You can easily design polls and surveys, non-profit contribution pages, dynamic sign-up forms, and more with Constant Contact.

Constant Contact’s unequaled customer service, which includes live chat, phone calls, email, community support, and a huge library of valuable materials, is its finest feature.

Constant Contact is compatible with all well-known WordPress plugins, including OptinMonster, WPForms, and others, making it the ideal Mailchimp substitute for WordPress. Not to add, it is quite simple to use.


Let’s go right to the point: Omnisend Mailchimp Alternatives offers greater e-commerce marketing options at a lower price. According to users, the following Mailchimp substitute is the best for e-commerce: 500+ 5-star G2 ratings and 3,700+ 5-star Shopify reviews serve as evidence.

With a more improved free version, more reasonable pricing, and more advanced e-commerce functionality, Omnisend surpasses Mailchimp. For starters, you may include discounts, scratch cards, and product suggestions in emails—something Mailchimp does not offer.

Thanks to its integrated Mailchimp migration tool, switching to Omnisend is very simple. This makes it simple to sync the characteristics, tags, segments, and engagement statistics associated with your Mailchimp contacts. You’ll quickly have your contacts prepared if you do it that way.

Moosend | Best Mailchimp Alternatives

The first to go is Moosend! If you believe that Mailchimp can meet all of your needs but is a bit pricy, Moosend has got you covered!

The first advantage of Moosend is that you pay less for the same functionality. When you make the switch, a drag-and-drop email builder will appear that is simple for you to learn. The updated user interface is quick, streamlined, and easy to use.

You may sign up right now to send an infinite number of emails and to utilize all the capabilities both basic and sophisticated without any limitations.

Even as a free user of Moosend, you may segment your audience using any variation you can imagine. With the new audience management tools, strengthening your sales funnel for your online business or agency is easier than before.

Additionally, unlike Mailchimp, the visual automation builder is quick and dependable and lets you preview your workflows. Moosend is the most cost-effective option for Mailchimp, typically more than 45% less expensive.

In conclusion, Moosend is a cost-effective, high-end option for people who want a straightforward solution but are on a tight budget. It offers free email newsletter layouts for every occasion, effective segmentation, and top-notch customer care.


ConvertKit positions itself as the platform for artists’ email marketing. This includes writers, singers, painters, YouTubers, and anybody else that runs a creative company.

The email marketing tool from ConvertKit is designed with this target in mind.

ConvertKit’s advantages over Mailchimp include the fact that it doesn’t charge twice for the same subscriber on various lists so it is one of the best Mailchimp Alternatives.

For varied opt-in incentives, you may develop numerous signup forms. content assets, too. This makes adding subscribers and offering content upgrades simple.

If you have more than 5000 members, a complimentary concierge migration service is available.

(Formerly Sendinblue) Brevo

Mailchimp Alternatives
Mailchimp Alternatives

Brevo, originally Sendinblue, is a potent email and SMS marketing platform for companies.

It has a ton of strong ability to make landing pages, Facebook advertisements, SMS campaigns, email newsletters, email marketing automation, live chat, and more.

You may send an infinite number of emails to a specific audience using their tailored marketing automation solution depending on user behavior.

To help your marketing efforts succeed, it has a simple drag-and-drop email builder and excellent email deliverability.

Your website’s transactional emails might be created with the aid of its email marketing platform.

With extra capabilities like SMS marketing and live chat software, Brevo is a great free Mailchimp substitute. Additionally, they provide company owners with more affordable paid plans, including a permanent free plan.


The primary distinction is that HubSpot is an all-in-one solution that unifies content management, operations, sales, marketing, and customer care into a single platform, whereas Mailchimp is a marketing-only program.

For instance, HubSpot’s automation features are very sophisticated. Because you can start automatic email sequences that nurture customers down the funnel and segment your list depending on a variety of criteria, such as their behavior and where they are in the customer lifecycle, it is much more suited for longer buyer lifecycles.

Having said that, creating an email with HubSpot is not nearly as simple. Although the builder is quite good, Mailchimp offers more templates and streamlines the process significantly. HubSpot is extremely CRM-focused, so there are many more moving components; hence, it makes sense that emails would be a little more challenging.

Finally, HubSpot offers more sophisticated statistics than Mailchimp does, which makes sense given all the integrated tools you’re using.

Mailchimp Alternatives: Sender

The sender is an email and SMS marketing solution with capabilities for everyone, from novices to experts in email marketing, and a user-friendly design.

Sender offers a ton of fantastic premium features to help you expand your clientele and revenue, and unlike other tools, the majority of them are included in the free forever plan.

Sender provides a variety of services, including timed and exit-intent popups, prepared design templates, smart segmentation, welcome, win-back, and cart recovery process automation through email and SMS, all for free or less than the cost of a pizza. It truly is the ideal replacement for Mailchimp.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp Alternatives
Mailchimp Alternatives

What email system is the best?

The finest email marketing platform for your company will rely on your demands and goals. The majority of systems include fundamental functionality like audience segmentation, reporting, landing pages, automation, and newsletters. Look for variations in cost, integrations, and extra services like website builders and social media advertisements to discover one that stands out for you.

Which MailChimp options are the best?

The top Mailchimp replacements are Zoho Campaigns, MailerLite, Drip, Campaigner, GetResponse, Moosend, and SendinBlue. The best option for your small business will rely on the features that you want in email marketing software, though.

What qualities should a Mailchimp substitute have?

Consider the email marketing software characteristics that are most essential to you when looking for Mailchimp alternatives. A drag-and-drop editor, landing pages, A/B split testing, automation, third-party integrations, and customer support are some features to look for.

What does email marketing software serve?

Businesses can design and manage email marketing campaigns thanks to email marketing software. Contact lists, A/B testing, user analytics, automated procedures, and the capacity to customize emails are features that this kind of software makes available to a corporation. Numerous platforms are accessible for a variety of costs, including nothing at all.

Read more: Social media management tools

What are the benefits of email marketing software?

Mailchimp Alternatives
Mailchimp Alternatives

All sorts of businesses, both retail and nonretail, may communicate with consumers and potential customers most effectively using email. It’s an inexpensive approach to rapidly and simply contact a large audience to create leads, disseminate news and information, and sell your services or goods.

Email marketing software may help you interact with your consumer base in a way that results in lifelong clients in addition to being inexpensive and easy to use.

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