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How to Install WordPress in 5 Minute!

How to Install WordPress is the topic of our conversation today. The most popular website creator in the world is said to be WordPress. In 43% of all websites on the internet, it is the engine. That is mostly due to WordPress’s simple installation process, which enables anybody to build a website with ease.

How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress
How to Install WordPress

WordPress may be easily installed with just a few clicks through all top WordPress web hosting providers. Most of the time, installing WordPress is a quick and easy procedure that just takes a few minutes.

  • Our objective in this tutorial is to provide both novice and experienced users with a comprehensive guide on installing WordPress.
  • To get you started, we’ll demonstrate how to Install WordPress.
  • Scripts for one-click installation, such as Fantastico, Softaculous, and QuickInstall.
  • We will cover manually installing WordPress through FTP for our intermediate users as well.
  • Finally, we will demonstrate how to install WordPress on a local machine running Windows, Mac, or Linux for our novice developers and designers.

We’ll show you how to install WordPress and then give you pointers on what to do next.

Prerequisites for WordPress Installation

Prior to knowing how to Install WordPress, you’ll need these things:

  • A domain name and a reputable web hosting business with experience with WordPress are prerequisites before you can install WordPress.
  • One of the biggest hosting providers in the world is Bluehost, thus we highly advise using them. They are also a certified WordPress hosting company.
  • The best part is that you will receive a free name and a 60% discount on their hosting package (only for WPBeginner members).
  • You may install WordPress after selecting a hosting company.

5 Minute WordPress Installation

  • In your cPanel auto-installer section, click the WordPress symbol.
  • You’ll be sent to a website where you may click “Install Now” after being forwarded there.
  • The default value for “Protocol” is “HTTP”. If you haven’t installed an SSL certificate, you should continue using “HTTP,” but if you have, you should use “https.”
  • The final step is to complete the form on your admin page.

On CPanel, How to Install WordPress?

How to Install WordPress
How to Install WordPress

The “public_html” folder may be found in the file manager on the left side of the website after first downloading the most recent version of WordPress and logging into your CPanel account, either directly or using FTP software. The WordPress files should be placed in this folder, which serves as your host’s root directory.

Download the file you will find by searching at Google. After that, right-click on the compressed folder to extract it, then choose “Extract to WordPress Folder” to delete the file.

Select all of the files in the WordPress unzipped folder with a double-click, then right-click and drag them to the “public_html” folder. To relocate the files into the root folder (public_html), remove WordPress from the end of the /public_html/wordpress directory if it appears on the page.

We have just described the WordPress files’ primary thread up to this point. Now that we have WordPress installed, we should create a database. Select MySQL Database, give it a name, and then click Create Database on the main page of CPanel’s Databases section.

Fill out the MySQL Users section as you scroll down, click Create User, and then pick Add from the “Add User Database” section.

After entering your website’s address and searching for it, scrolling down one page, and filling out the fields, click the Send button to begin the five-minute installation of WordPress.

Finally, you may subsequently use your username and password to access your WordPress dashboard.

FAQ on How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress
How to Install WordPress

The following are commonly asked questions that may be answered by understanding three local WordPress installation techniques.

WordPress can I manually install it?

Yes, WordPress can be manually installed. After downloading the most recent WordPress version from, the file must be unzipped before being uploaded to a directory like public_html. After creating users and a MySQL database, it’s time to configure the wp-config.php file. The installation procedure can then be finished by running the installation application.

What Should I Do to Launch My WordPress Website?

You must choose the best hosting company first. Following your selection of the ideal web server, you must install WordPress on your website. The majority of hosting has one-click or auto-installer options for WordPress, which makes installation relatively simple.

Is WordPress offline installable?

You can install WordPress offline, that much is true. To achieve this, you would need to download the most recent version of WordPress from and set up a local server environment on your computer using XAMPP, WAMP, or MAMP.

You can build a new database and modify the wp-config.php file after the local server has been deployed.

What Are the Prerequisites for WordPress Offline Installation?

The main prerequisite is installing a web server, such as Apache, MAMP, or LAMP depending on the computer’s operating system. To save the data from WordPress, you will also need to construct a database using a program like MySQL.

How Should WordPress Be Installed?

WordPress may be installed in a variety of methods, and the ideal one for you will depend on your technical proficiency. For novices, we advise installing WordPress using an auto-installer. Installing locally, however, is frequently thought to give more flexibility to web developers.

Should I use WordPress online or download it?

The free edition of is a good option for individual bloggers who don’t want to commercialize their websites. However, we advise choosing the self-hosted platform if you are a company or blogger hoping to make money from your website. You will have more freedom and control over your website as a result, as well as access to a wide range of plugins and modifications

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Who needs to utilize WordPress?

How to Install WordPress
How to Install WordPress

In conclusion, learning how to Install WordPress website is a good idea for anyone who wants a highly customized yet simple-to-maintain website. WordPress is frequently considered a platform for bloggers, although it also functions effectively for a wide variety of websites.

WordPress may be useful for small businesses that want to promote online, families that want to share images and news with loved ones, and professionals that want to advertise their services to the general public. And sure, it is really effective for blogs as well.

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