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How to build an HTML website? And, What are the Advantages of using HTML?

How to build an HTML website? The steps to create a website in the HTML language are based on a set of steps, as HTML is a language used in designing various websites and is always used to overcome some problems, in addition to the presence of many sites that can be used to learn it.

How to build an HTML website?

How to build an HTML website
How to build an HTML website

How to build an HTML website? Creating websites has become a necessity at present, especially for those who want to own a business of their own, and these sites are characterized by the need for a few basics to create them, such as relying on the HTML language, How to build an HTML website? you can create a site using it by following the following:

Understand the nature of language

How to build an HTML website?HTML is a programming language that makes up web pages. It is the structure that creates all available web pages. To view them, you can go to any website on the Internet Explorer browser, then press the right mouse button and choose View Source, and you will see the language symbols, which are Icons shown to the browser and converted into a website formatted for handling.

Make your starter web page simple

Complete the talk about How to build an HTML website? One of the most important things to focus on when using the HTML language to create web pages is to make the initial page as simple as possible. If it is not like this, you will face many problems because of the code and its structures. You should note that you write the information between an opening tag and an ending tag, so the opening tag is <__ > and closing >/__< and __ is replaced with code symbols, then follow these steps:

  • Open the Start menu, then Programs, then Accessories, then Notepad.
  • Use the Notepad text editor to make it easier.
  • After selecting the language, everything you type is converted to a different color to make it easier to correct errors.

Browser notification

One of the most important steps in creating a website in HTML is to teach the browser the language you are using. You should write in the first line and the first tag should always be in your code. Write in the second line <html> so that the computer knows this tag and that you are writing on a web page, and it will Close this tag at the end of the document. You can type the closing tag as >/<html and it ends the web page.

Write a title for the page

Writing the title is important, as it provides users with an idea of the content of the website, in addition to that this title is saved in the list of bookmarks when it is saved as a bookmark, and the title is specified in HTML using the <title> tag and ends with the > tag <title so that the title then appears on the tab without appearing on the inside of the page.

Create the body of the page

In this step, you have to write <body> so that you can start the content of the body of the page and then end this content using the tag body>/< so that the information that makes up the body is between the two tags, in addition to the possibility of formatting to the body of the page to change the background color of the page.

Save page

How to build an HTML website
How to build an HTML website

Complete the talk about How to build an HTML website? After completing the application of the steps to create a website in the previous HTML language, the step of saving the page comes.

Choose the type All files or Text file in the type field, and it should be noted that the code will not work if you do not do so, then go to the location where the web page is saved and double-click it to open the page in your Internet browser.

Advantages of using HTML

After we know the answer to the question: How to build an HTML website? In the context of talking about the steps to create a website in HTML, we talk about the advantages of using this language, which is based on the following points:

It is easy to learn and use

HTML is an easy language to learn and understand for those who want to know how to develop websites, as it is the most important and first language that you will encounter, it includes simple tags and there is no case sensitivity in it.

It contains a set of signs that serve a specific purpose and that’s it, and you can easily understand it by differentiating from one symbol to another and making changes if needed, in addition to that it does not cause any error or cause a problem like other languages if you make a mistake in Code or forget about closing tags.

Free to use

One of the most prominent advantages of using the HTML language is that it does not bear any cost to its users, it does not need to buy specific programs in order not to work, and it does not need to deal with various plug-ins to work on any program, and this is because it does not require additional components, so all you need is knowledge of HTML codes.

Support all browsers

HTML is supported by all browsers in almost all countries of the world, so don’t worry about your website written in it, it will appear anywhere easily from any browser, and it also provides you an easy way to optimize the website in certain formats based on web developers’ browsers.

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Optimum engine

How to build an HTML website
How to build an HTML website

HTML is renowned for its exceptional search engine compatibility compared to other programming languages in the market. Its search engine prioritizes delivering users high-quality websites and relevant information for specific searches. Moreover, crafting an SEO-friendly website using HTML is straightforward, and the language ensures ease of access and readability for web crawlers, resulting in quicker loading and parsing times.

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