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How can I publish my website for free? and know 9 Steps to publish a website for free

How can I publish my website for free? For everyone to access our website, we need a server on which our website is stored, as well as a URL pointing to the site.

There are a huge number of companies that can offer you the service of renting space on the server for this purpose. This service is usually called Web Hosting.

The steps to create a website are the first thing you look for when setting up a website, whether it is personal or for marketing your business, but what stands in front of you is the lack of sufficient information to establish your website, and on the Will platform, you do not have to feel anxious or hesitate, we will enable you to create your web page easily and just in 5 minutes.

Let’s know about: How can I publish my website for free?

How can I publish my website for free?

publish my website for free
publish my website for free

How can I publish my website for free? When you create a website on the Internet, you will have chosen the best and most widespread advertising methods at the lowest costs. The site allows you to reach large numbers of your target audience

and deliver your commercial message innovatively and distinctively, through content that promotes your products, with attractive designs, pictures, and colors that express you! Which ultimately leads to the interaction of your customers and their attraction to your activity and increases sales and profits.

How do I create a website? The answer to this question simply lies in a platform, which is the platform that you can rely on when you think about creating a website by entering information about your business, and with a few clicks you will get an attractive and very easy-to-use website.

Steps to publish a website for free

How can I publish my website for free? and What are these steps? You just have to enter some information, and then put your artistic touches by adjusting the design options. Then you will be able to publish your website within a few minutes.

Website design is simpler than ever. And to make creating a professional web page as easy and fast as possible, it includes the following steps:


When looking for how to create a website, the first step you need to take to have a website is to register your account which is done simply by entering your email address.

Enter information about your business

In the second step to create a website, you move on to completing 3 main steps, consisting of only 3 data about your business, that will be used while the website is working automatically. You can come back to it whenever you want and modify it as you like.

Add contact information

publish my website for free
publish my website for free

As for the third step in creating a website, you will add the contact information for your company and its headquarters, and once you have completed this step, you will have already owned a website. Is there anything simpler than that?

After completing the three main steps, and browsing your site, you will find that the platform has created 4 main pages: (the home page, who we are, services, and contact).

You can leave your site like this without modification, or make the changes you see fit, such as adding more pages, changing images, fonts, and colors, and adding sections, forms, links, and other icons on any page on your site.

Add or modify sections

To add sections to your site, you must click on the “Add Section” button. This button can be seen inside any section that you have previously created.

Section designs are easily browsed by clicking “Next” or “Previous” until you choose the design that suits you and your site.

Modify content boxes

Content boxes or boxes are the information that makes up the sections of your site. You can add or control them during the design phase of your company’s website platform.

You can easily change everything in the content boxes, you can adjust the number of them by removing or adding any boxes.

The text, images, and icons inside the boxes are not fixed, but you can make changes to them as you like.

You can add more content boxes by clicking on the + sign that you will find at the top of the content box.

Change your website fonts

Complete the talk about how can I publish my website for free. selection system that differs greatly from the system used in all web design platforms. It is known that any site that is created must use only 2 to 3 fonts, provided that they are completely identical.

This is the reason that prompted the platform to devise a system for merging fonts during the process of designing new websites, as you can choose the set of fonts that you like and want to be on your site, as there are dozens of designs that you can choose between until you find what suits your site design.

Translate the site into any language

the platform gives you the ability to create a website that supports all languages, as you can reach all customers in any language and anywhere in the world with ease.

Add photos

Shutterstock is a major source of images on the platform while designing your website, and the images will be automatically selected from Shutterstock. When you write your business or activity information, you will notice that Shutterstock images have a watermark

so it is important that you add the images of your site by clicking on the image icon that appears on the Right of the main section (manage slides), then choose (Add New Image) from the control panel.

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Publish your site and get a domain

publish my website for free
publish my website for free

Complete the talk about how can I publish my website for free. It’s time to let potential customers see it online.

Click Publish your site, and then you can upgrade to get your domain or link your site to a domain you already got.

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