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Google Fonts and ways to use these fonts

Elegant Google Fonts, as Google Fonts is a library of fonts hosted on Google servers, as this library was created in 2010.

In addition, it has been known in the past, as Google provides a wonderful set of Arabic fonts, in addition to English fonts and many other languages ​​that you will be able to use for free 100% in all your designs, in order to make them look more attractive.

And then this is to ensure that all the fonts that you will use in all your designs that will work for sure for all users, as this is considered the official site for all Google fonts.

Hence, in which you can view everything related to the available fonts, and then work on trying them in different sizes, and then download whatever you want from them.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts
Google Fonts

As it is possible that the process of creating a website to publish yourself in it to the world, and then open up to the world is something exciting and dazzling at the same time, and then at a time when the global network is flooded with similar content and services, if all your property is made distinctive And instantly attractive is imperative and imperative.

So it is also important to understand how important this literary advertisement is, so we will provide you with a wide range of all files for Google Fonts for all websites that will make all your titles pop and attract the traffic your content deserves.

Since its launch in 2010, Google Fonts has steadily received acclaim and has been widely used both professionally and personally.

And that’s when you’re working on putting all your ideas and content out there, readability is of paramount importance.  

As it works on the appearance of detailed lines that are nice on paper.

How to use google fonts 

Where you can work to embed any font from Google fonts directly on this page without the need to download it to your device. Also, the elegant Google fonts have two methods for using them, and then the beauty of Google is that they give you the font embed code in two ways, which are the following:

  • The embed method for the font as an HTML tag.
  • In addition to a special method for including the font through an important command of the CSS.
  • Also, if you want to work on downloading the font to your device, you can do that as well, but there is no need for this.

The most important characteristic of Google Fonts 

Where there are many features of Google Fonts that belong to the elegant Google Fonts, and it is considered one of the means to solve this problem is the pre-loading process for all fonts, as the process of pre-downloading Google Fonts works to reduce the download time by about 100 milliseconds

 Among the most prominent of these features are the following:

  • Work on the download speed of the line.
  • In addition to the stability of the server hosting this line along with all Google servers.
  • Then work on compatibility of the line with all devices.
  • In addition to all the options for controlling the elegant Google font.

How to host google fonts locally on wordpress

Where there are many, many steps related to the process of hosting Google Fonts locally, in addition to the elegant Google Fonts, and the most prominent of these steps are the following:

  • The first step

Work on downloading the font file to get started, as you will need to download the font file that you want to use, since in Google Font you will be able to search for dozens of free fonts, including all the various Google Arabic fonts.

  • The second step

Do work on converting all fonts to a format that includes WOFF and WOFF2

This is when you download a font from Google Fonts, it will give you the font in TTF format, in order to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

Most of the sources I’ve read seem to recommend using all WOFF or WOFF 2.0 formats, so if the font you choose isn’t already in this format, you can use the free Transfonter tool to convert it to WOFF and WOFF2 as well.

Other ways to host Google Fonts locally 

Google Fonts
Google Fonts

There are many elegant Google fonts, as there are many ways to host Google Fonts, and the most prominent of these methods are the following:

  • The third step

Upload all font files to the server, and then take all these font files, and then upload them to your server using FTP Manager.

Where you can also work on using the addition of the manager of all these files in order to easily upload all the font files from the WordPress control panel, in order to facilitate the process of finding all the font files, where you can work on adding them in a folder called elegant fonts.

  • The fourth step

In this step, work is done to add the CSS code for Font-Face, once you have uploaded all the files for the fonts to your server, as you will need to include all these fonts in the CSS of your site using the font-face, and then to do so You can use the css layouts tab in google stylish fonts .

The most prominent and important Arabic fonts that professional designers rely on

Where there are many of the most prominent Arabic fonts that many and many professional designers use from Google fonts, and the most prominent of these fonts are the following:

  • As there are a lot of good lines and then there are also bad lines, besides distinguishing between them can be difficult without a trained eye.
  • Unfortunately, there are many free Arabic fonts that are considered bad, so be careful and then work to check them before using them or working to avoid them.
  • Not many of the free fonts available online come with a commercial license.
  • They are only intended for demo or personal use, and you will not be able to experience all the full benefits if you use them in the process of designing all the logos for large companies.
  • So since they are usually all licensed, Google Fonts is a safe place to work to explore all the free fonts for your brand in Google Stylish Fonts.

How to combine fonts in contrast

Where there are many methods for the process of collecting fonts differently from the elegant Google fonts, and the most important of these methods are the following:

  • Since if you have a desire to use more than one font for your brand, then make sure that you choose all fonts that complement each other.
  • Then she has had enough of the process of contrasting and then harmonizing, where the combination of plain calligraphy and decorated calligraphy is the simplest way to do it.
  • In addition to the server font, it is a typeface, as it is characterized by the decoration of letters, and it is easy to identify this typeface by writing and then working on decorating all letters in Google Fonts.
  • Also, the oldest decorated script is the Kufic script, as it is considered a typeface in its work, as it originated in the seventh century, when they decorated all their letters during the process of engraving them on all stones. 
  • Where all the sculptors of these fonts were made to work on arranging all the letters in addition to the alphabets.

 What does the word ornate calligraphy mean?

Google Fonts
Google Fonts

Where you can work to determine the decorative Arabic calligraphy by not being able to use it for the main text or to all paragraphs that are considered long, usually.

Hence, all letters may be handwritten and may be used as headings and design components only in Google Elegant Fonts.

Then when it is used for more than several words, the text will become difficult to read and eye-straining as well, as it is great for working on adding a sense of a certain personality and then allowing you to develop all the design elements that will attract the reader’s attention to it.

But even so, most of the time you will get confused and then visually cluttered and incomprehensible text, since it is about the person reading it, hence not you.

So do them a favor and then do not use ornate fonts for any text that is longer than a few words, in addition to working on using fonts designed for reading, because they will look more beautiful and more perfect in elegant Google fonts.

Difference between typeface and font

Where there is a font family or a typeface, which is a group of fonts, and then this description is not considered useful because most people work on the exchange of the terms font and typeface as well and then more and more weights along with all sizes, and then that when working on Choose your brand’s monotype in Google Stylish Fonts.

 And then search for a typeface that includes a large number of all fonts that will be possible to work and use for a variety of purposes, such as all the main titles along with the main text and in a special logo for your company and then many different and varied cases.

And this is also done when using a single font, as you will use many different weights and styles in order to work to create the contrast process that you may need to work to distinguish between all parts of the text in elegant Google fonts.

Hence, this provides you with many options for weights in order to work on creating homogeneity. If you choose a font with a little weight for the text, you have to choose a font that has a larger size and weight in order to create the best look for you in the headline that relates to you.

Top unique notifications for select fonts

There are many notices that are considered unique to choose all fonts, and the most prominent of these slogans are the following:

  •  Keep it simple It’s easy to work on repeating a simple font logo through a variety of elements, and then keep in mind that you may need to make it bigger or shorter in Google Stylish Fonts.
  • So whether it be a giant banner or a pen or all promotional materials, then make sure that your banner is so that it looks good on any surface.
  • Then take a look at all the fonts your competitors will use.
  • But if you want to make a logo that makes you a strong competitor, you have to distinguish yourself from everyone, and then use a font that will make your brand unforgettable.
  • Do not use trend lines.
  • In addition to the lines based on the trend, as they are considered fleeting lines, as what is popular today may have no importance tomorrow in Google Lines.

Tips for improving your site’s performance when using Google Fonts

Where there are many, many tips related to the process of improving the performance of your site, when you use all Google fonts, elegant Google fonts, and the most prominent of these tips are the following:

  • Work to let your use of a distinctive font be within your site, as this gives a good impression on all conversion rates, so the process of choosing the right font and then improving it.
  • It is very important for your website, as Google Fonts is a very popular service because it is a well-designed process.
  • Besides, they add many a new level of elegance to all ordinary websites, hence but unfortunately like nothing else within the web.
  • This can negatively affect the performance of your site if it is not used wisely, in order to improve the performance of the site when working on using all Google fonts in WordPress.
  • In addition to all Google fonts, as it is a repository of more than 1,300 families of free fonts, as they are considered provided by Google, Google Stylish Fonts.

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How to preload google files

Google Fonts
Google Fonts

Whereas, the process of fetching all files for Google fonts is usually from the Google content delivery network, and then it is considered the network with very fast services, but these files for fonts are fetched in the late stage of the download process of this site.

And that is in the event that there is a problem in the communication process and then you did not download all the fonts, and then this page will be displayed using all the fonts for the normal system operation, and that is when you have completed the process of downloading all the Google fonts, and then the page will redraw the process of drawing its contents, that is That the page will be loaded with a font and then changed to another font, and this is known as Flash of unstyled text – FOUT, and it is considered one of the best than the waiting process, but it is not the best in Google’s elegant fonts.

It is considered one of the means to solve this problem is the process of pre-downloading all fonts, as the process of pre-downloading Google Fonts works to reduce the download time by about 100 milliseconds

At the end of the article, we talked about elegant Google fonts, and then how to work on downloading all Google files, along with the most important tips for improving your site, in addition to the most important and prominent Arabic fonts.  

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