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how to choose a blog name

Steps on how to choose a blog name and discover the foundation of your new blog

How to choose a blog name is an important step that contributes to determining the identity of your blog and attracting the target audience. The blog name must be distinct and easy to remember, and reflect the content of the blog and your personality as a blogger, as the blog is a simplified version of the term “weblog”.

 It is an online magazine or informational site that presents information in reverse chronologically, with the most recent posts appearing at the top first. It is a platform where a writer or group of writers share their views on a specific topic.

But what is the purpose of creating a blog? There are several reasons to start a personal blog, in addition to a number of specific reasons for business documentation. Business blogging, whether projects or anything else, may contribute to bringing in income for your project and increasing your website traffic.

How to choose a blog name

how to choose a blog name
how to choose a blog name

In a new business, you rely on writing to help you reach and capture potential consumers, without writing, your website will remain invisible.

And creating a blog will make you able to spread quickly and compete, so the main goal of the blog is to communicate with the right customers, and the second goal is to increase online traffic and send potential customers to your website. To learn how to choose a blog name, follow the following lines.

Elements of how to choose a blog name

Before starting how to choose a blog name, here are six elements that should be carefully considered, which are asked in the form of questions, as follows:

  • What will your blog be about?

If you have made a decision and chosen the field in which you will work, then it is necessary that you answer this question directly, if you are still hesitating, then it is appropriate now that you start searching for the answer.

If you spend a lot of time choosing a blog name, and then decide to write about an unrelated topic, you will be wasting your time.

To take an example, I chose the name AhmadGaming, and then I decided to choose the animal niche illogically. If you decide to choose a specific name or use your personal name, you will have more room to choose, but I still have to recommend you to define your domain first.

  • Who is your target audience?

In the course of choosing a name for your website or blog, it is very important that you take into consideration your target audience.

Let’s take a quick look at examples:

In Example (1)

Sayidaty has a target audience that is generally female. Sayidaty magazine is a women’s source of entertainment, covering celebrity gossip and all aspects of women’s self-care.

Example (2)

Harvard Business Review platform:

The content of the platform is based on scientific research in the field of business administration, and targets its readers who work in the field of management and business or researchers in this field.

Try to capture the knowledge gained about your target audience from the very beginning, as this information will be the help in choosing the right name for your site.

  • Can a name be read consistently when it is converted to a domain name?

If your blog name is made up of more than one word, when you try to find its Latin translation and omit the spaces to choose the domain name, there is a chance of getting a disastrous name.

Here is a clear example

how to choose a blog name
how to choose a blog name

Although the site owner used colors to separate the words, seeing the link in plain text can get awkward.

When you convert your blog name into text to buy a domain name for it, try to ask the opinion of a few people, they may discover things that you did not notice, but you can use the Word Safety tool to ensure that this name does not cause you any future problems.

  • Is your blog name easy to read or spell?

Sometimes your blog name looks great on paper, but when you try to say it out loud, it gets ambiguous or weird A name that is ambiguous about your blog content or difficult to spell can be a barrier to your blog success and building a following, so beware Pay attention to this aspect when choosing a name.

How to come up with the best blog title 

Here are 15 tips on how to choose a blog name to help you get creative and find the right title for your online blog. These tips assume that you have already chosen a niche for your new blog. All you need now is to find the perfect name:

  • Don’t rush how to choose a blog name

So, this may be understood by some people as a surprise, but honestly, do not rush how to choose the name of the blog, the choice must be careful and over a fixed range.

When starting how to choose a blog name, you should consider all available alternatives and 100% guarantee that you have found the perfect one, thinking about the possible outcomes when you need to change your blog name in the following context.

  • Domain name change

If you change the address of the blog, you will probably also need to change your domain name. Changing the domain name is a very dangerous task, as it can lead to loss of traffic, as it may lead to loss of traffic and the ranking of your site in Google.

This means that you will need to perform all the necessary steps to make Google and other search engines love your new blog as much as they loved your previous blog, which is one of the most important steps of how to choose a blog name.

  • Changing social media accounts

In some social media channels, you may be prohibited from transferring your followers through it, in this case you will need to start from scratch, so what if you already have thousands of likes on Facebook? You definitely don’t want to lose this feature in any of the social media.

When it comes to changing a domain name, there are many things that you have to take into consideration, so take my word for it when I tell you that this is not something you like to do.

 In another clarification, do not rush, take the time when choosing a title for the blog, try to be exciting, innovative and excellent, as it is one of the elements of how to choose the name of the blog.

  • The ideal blog title should be short and catchy

You must search for a short, attractive, easy-to-remember and spelling name for the blog. Also, before starting how to choose the blog name, you must follow the following:

Although it is difficult to achieve all these four criteria in all cases, we must take them all into consideration when choosing a name for the blog.

Ultimately, the goal is for people to be able to find you online. A short, catchy name helps, no doubt. A long, boring name simply doesn’t make a strong impression on people’s minds.

Another important reason why the abbreviation is better is that the blog name is usually part of the title in WordPress blog post tags.

  • The perfect blog post title format 

  • how to choose a blog name
    how to choose a blog name

Use your creativity to find the best blog title. It should be short and catchy to catch the attention of your readers. Let’s say your name is Ahmed and you want to create a travel blog about your adventures.

If you have ideas for your new blog about exciting travel adventures and want to start writing as soon as possible, it’s important to take the time to come up with a name for it.

So you decided to name your new blog How did you choose the blog name “Ahmed’s Exciting Travel Adventures”, Do you notice the problem here? It’s simply not a good blog name, it’s too long, too boring, too generic, and too forgettable, for example, you could name your blog “Ahmed’s Travels” or “Ahmed’s Adventures”.

  • Don’t narrow down the code

If you’re going to start with something specific, the mistake I often see people make is choosing a very specific blog name, say, for example, you want to start a blog about traveling in Europe, you choose a cool blog name with the word “Europe”.

However, after a couple of years on how to choose a blog name, you find yourself when your blog is growing that you consider Europe too small and you desperately want to write about other destinations as well, but your blog name prevents you from doing so.

So the challenge for you is to find a blog name that reflects your site or your dedicated topic, and at the same time does not limit your ability to diversify and explore new subtopics.

  • Think twice about how you choose your blog name

It’s also a good idea to think twice before using your personal name as a domain name, as it might make sense if you run a one-man business entirely on your own, or if you’re a writer and want to promote your books.

However, a catchy and memorable name for your blog may be able to perform better in the long run than using your own name, which is one of the most important steps on how to choose a blog name.

  • Do not use numbers or special characters

Numbers and special characters are usually not common in blogs or domain names, they may only include numbers if your brand name contains a number, however, special characters should always be avoided.

Don’t use links either, it’s very old school in how to choose a blog name, usually links are used to make domain names more readable, or to avoid really embarrassing keywords.

  •  Avoid trade names and trademarks

You’ll also need to avoid using parts or trademarks in your domain, as these could be copyright infringement.

For example, if you enjoy driving your new Maserati around town and want to write a blog post about it, you’d probably be better off using the word “car” instead of “Maserati” in your content.

In this context, ilovemynewcar/com will perform better than, and not only because of intellectual property rights issues!

  •  Use a blog title generator or a thesauru

  • how to choose a blog name
    how to choose a blog name

There are plenty of tools and apps available to cater to all needs in how to choose a blog name, so having tools to help you come up with the perfect blog title is not surprising.

The best blog name selection tools

Some of these tools are actually very useful for how to choose a blog name, and could be best used as part of a creative thinking session, here are some excellent examples:

  • Thesaurus

Thesaurus thesaurus can be an excellent tool that supports you in finding synonyms, this is very useful when you are trying to come up with a blog title, as it can help you think in a new and innovative way.

Sometimes, all you need is a single word or phrase put into place correctly, and a thesaurus can do that for you.

  • Lean Domain Search

Providing domain names is a great service. It generates a multiple list of ideas for names based on the chosen word or words. This concept also relies on grouping two or more words with one word directly related to the goal of your blog.

  • Wordoid

If you want to include creative words in your blog name, then Wordoid is an excellent tool to try. Also, Wordoids are unique and appropriate synthetic words that look natural. Perfect for unleashing the name on new blogs and businesses, Wordoid is quite a smart tool for exciting blog naming and tags. innovative business.

  • Ask your colleagues

You can ask for help from your close people such as your friends, colleagues and family members in how to choose the name of the blog. You can also do this at the beginning of the process, for example by organizing a brainstorming session. Usually the people around you have better ideas and they can come up with things that were not thought of Never mind.

Keep a list of their ideas, never come to you before, you may find a perfect name in the same list, you can also help your colleagues at the end of the process on how to choose a blog name, when you find a good blog name.

And you do all the checks It’s good to share this name with your friends, although you may like this new name, it is possible that your friends think differently.

  • Choose the correct TLD

TLD stands for “top-level domain” in how the blog name is chosen, and currently there are more than 1,500 TLDs, the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) continues to maintain an ever-growing list of TLDs.

.com is still the best domain extension at the moment, with the most popularity and usage, followed by .org and .net Most of the TLDs are catered to specific purposes, for example, .gov is reserved for government websites Countries also have with their own domain extensions.

Regularly many new and modern top domains are released, and although it is fun to get a trendy domain, it is not always the right choice.

If you have a great blog name that people can remember, they might not be able to find your site if the extension you chose is unusual. Usually, .com is best, unless there is a compelling reason to choose a different extension.

  • Check domain availability

  • how to choose a blog name
    how to choose a blog name

Can you imagine life without the Internet? I can’t, the Internet has exploded in popularity in the last two decades, and unfortunately that also means that many areas are no longer available, including big business.

If you’ve invested a lot of effort debating ideas for a new name for your blog, and then suddenly discover that the domain you’ve been thinking about is already taken, it’s really unpleasant, but that’s how it is these days.

Once you are interested in how to choose the name of the blog, you must check the availability of the domain name, this is the appropriate place to do so, if it is found that the chosen domain name is not available, alternatives will be presented from different TLDs, and if you are not satisfied with the alternative choices, try new ideas Repeatedly.

  • Think about your personal website’s long-term goals

A common mistake people make when choosing a blog name is that they suddenly come up with an excellent new idea for a blog, and then they collect all the required information according to the previous advice, and then quickly register a new domain, it’s a bit like a shiny object, but on a smaller scale.

In the sense that it happens a lot when people have a great new idea, they want to start implementing it as soon as possible, this is a kind of acceptance, but it also means that these ideas are not thought through properly.

Then you move from one idea to another, without reaching any conclusion on how to choose the name of the blog, so before you start thinking about the title of a new blog.

You should make sure that you have a very thorough understanding of your long-term goals and plans with your new blog. Once those goals and plans are clearly defined, you can help find a blog name that perfectly matches those goals and plans.

  • Pay attention to the look and feel of your new blog

Before registering with a new domain name, you should also think about your writing style and target audience, and is your target audience young? Do you plan to keep your writing style casual and modern?

And is it aiming perhaps at a more mature audience like boomers? Are you going to write about serious topics? Will the target audience for your new blog be female, or maybe male?

So you should take care of the target audience for your new blog, the topics you will write about, and the look you want to maintain when choosing a name for your new blog.

Steps to explore the foundation of your new blog

how to choose a blog name
how to choose a blog name

Whether you are going to name a new blog or change the name of an existing blog, choosing a blog name is not easy at all, so I cannot promise you “three easy steps” to naming your blog, unless these The steps are really easy.

It’s even a methodology to come up with a blog name you genuinely love, but isn’t it exciting to feel the challenge, the frustration, the tears and the whining that tells you you can’t pick a good name, until a great idea comes along that makes you more satisfied? When you come up with a name for your blog, try to divide the naming process into two stages, so that you don’t regret your choice later.

  • Explore the foundation of your new blog.
  • Examine your blog name.

Record your blog topics

If you decide to create a new blog, I think you now have a clear idea of ​​what you want to write about, if you rename it, it could mean that you are defining your topic more specifically, or expanding it, or doing what we do on our blog, which is keep my interest the same .

Write down the topics you will be writing about and then write down any words related to those topics. For example, if you have a blog about food, you might write down words like “cooking” or “kitchen”.

But go far in your thinking; Such as utensils, cooking methods, preferred ingredients, how food/cooking can help people feel comfortable and enjoyable, how people describe food (delicious, hearty), etc.

Steps to register blog topics

Stimulating ideas with all these words will help spark ideas for a blog name, so write down a word even if you know you’re not going to use it on your blog, you’ll be amazed at how writing down words can be a start to getting more words (and could even become one). as part of your blog name).

Take a look at your words that you like or don’t want in your blog name, circle the desired words and delete the unwanted ones completely.

For example, I realized that I would like to use the word “blog” or “blogging” in my blog name, however, I didn’t feel like using the word “blogger”, because I don’t want people to accidentally call me “blogger so-and-so” instead of my name .

Explore the tone of your blog

Then, express your interest in the language of your blog in how you choose a blog name. The right blog name should have a consonance with the feeling you want to convey from your blog, and the mood you want to display.

Do you write boldly? Avenue? playful? sarcastic? Even if you write about a variety of topics, your language combines all of this.

Write some words that describe your dialect. Which words would you like your readers to use to describe your blog? These words may or may not be part of your blog name, however, these words will help you define the ‘feel’ about your blog, and a good blog name should have a connection with that feeling.

Take care of your target audience

how to choose a blog name
how to choose a blog name

Who are your audience or potential audience? Are they mostly women or men? Why don’t they come to your blog (or if you don’t have a blog yet, why don’t you want people to come to your blog)? Do you enjoy? Is it for laughs? Is it for learning? Are they curious about your life? You can get more than one answer.

Is there an audience you’d like to target, but at a later date? List some of the features of your ideal target audience in How to Choose a Blog Name You want your blog name to catch their eye.

For example, if your blog is meant to please its readers, then a name with some humor should be more effective than a cute one.

Find blogs that you like and are similar to yours

Never try to plagiarize or manipulate their name. Instead, looking at blogs you like can spark creativity in you and help you go in the right direction. Read their slogans, side columns, and two or three articles. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it, but if you find something Looking at other creative blogs can stimulate your creativity.

Start jotting down blog name ideas

When you have completed these four steps in how to choose a blog name; You should take a look at the words and notes that you recorded in the previous steps and then start recording ideas for the name. You can put two words together.

Or you start with a word and add something to it. Even if your idea feels like a failure, you may have laid the groundwork for the name. Give yourself permission to explore ideas and words, rather than feeling like you have to stick to just one path.

Once you have the names and ideas, the name may form an idea immediately, or it may require a delay. Try writing down some ideas and see if they stick. Remember, it is a process of elimination and improvement.

Read more: What is a good website?

Turn your ideas into a short list containing some names

how to choose a blog name
how to choose a blog name

Now we’ve come to a place, take a look at your names and pay attention to your themes, dialect and audience. Select the word, or words that you think might be useful. When you find a word you really like, or some words that you consider important, it’s time to analyze the names.

At the end of the article, we have provided you with the most important steps on how to choose an effective blog name to profit from your blog and make it the best among blogs, as well as the most important tips that you must follow to explore the basis of your new blog.  

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