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Top 4 Cheap email marketing

To execute your campaigns without having to take a second mortgage, are you looking for cheap email marketing software? For example, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, or ConvertKit are too expensive. We’ll outline of the best reasonably priced email marketing software alternatives in this piece. We’ll go over what makes each one special and assist you in choosing the best option for your company. Let’s begin straight away!

Cheap email marketing

Many firms have observed the multiple revenue-boosting benefits of email marketing. However, if you’re just beginning or on a tight budget, you need a cheap email marketing service to help you.

There are numerous solutions accessible for various industries and business types. Finding the best email marketing service suitable to your budget that will assist your organization in changing directions just requires a comprehensive evaluation.

Guess what? We took care of this procedure for you! The five email marketing platforms we’ve compiled allow marketers and business owners to create eye-catching campaigns for their clients without spending a fortune. The features and costs are shown below.

Cheap email marketing
Cheap email marketing


Although it’s Cheap email marketing and not inexpensive, Mailchimp is frequently regarded as the preferred email marketing service provider for individuals new to the field. You can construct automated workflows, set up campaigns, and tag subscribers using the user-friendly interface.

A free subscription from Mailchimp allows for up to 500 contacts, 500 emails per day, and 1,000 emails per month. The most expensive price tier includes the full complement of email marketing features, sophisticated audience analysis, personalized branding, and a variety of layouts.

Cheap email marketing with Moosend

A platform for email marketing based in Europe, Moosend was established in 2011. They are a true MailChimp counterpart, but considerably less expensive. You may even instantly import all the contacts thanks to MailChimp synchronization.

Utilizing the drag-and-drop editor is quite simple. Adding design elements is as simple as doing so from the left and editing them in the right-hand window. The responsiveness of every free email template. However, you can also add or program your own.

The editor has a helpful “helper grid” that you can turn on and off to see the exact structure of your email. You can see buttons to add more blocks along with columns and rows.

There is a code view for those who are a little more techier. From there, you can download or upload a JSON file or copy the HTML code. The email tool offers immediate live chat assistance.

While most integrations require using Zapier or a direct API, you can manage several email campaigns and mailing lists with ease with Moosend.

Autoresponders and email automation both function linearly. Use the “Marketing Automation Recipes” template automation flows or develop your own. In addition to website-based automation like a follow-up after a site visit, abandoned cart, or altered fields, the automated email streams also contain welcome campaigns, up- and cross-selling efforts, etc. Our comprehensive Moosend review has further information about email automation.


First off, Sendinblue is a name that is very well-known in the field of email marketing. This is a fully functional cheap email marketing platform with a selection of tools to assist you in designing, improving, and sending your email campaigns.

Along with several reasonably priced monthly options, it also offers a sizable free tier. Marketers refer to it as the best alternative to Mailchimp and GetResponse for several reasons, including these.

Key Attributes for Sendinblue:

  • A comprehensive WordPress plugin that gives you full control. pleasantly from inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • A/B testing should be used to set up your email marketing.
  • Cheap email marketing program.
  • Add transactional emails and SMS messages to the mix.
  • Use a drag-and-drop editor to swiftly create and customize emails, or start with pre-made templates.
  • Utilize these convenient form builders with custom fields to add the ideal opt-in form to your website.
  • Make use of a variety of email marketing automation solutions, such as autoresponders (drip campaigns) and eight workflow templates that can be used to quickly set up campaigns.
  • Use the landing page builder from Sendinblue.
  • Utilize a CRM to handle your subscriber data and set up list segmentation (while also syncing your contacts with HubSpot).
  • Utilize analytics tools to track the metrics for each campaign.


HubSpot is the best cheap email marketing tool. It is well-known for its all-in-one CRM solution, which gives you access to everything you need to manage your business, including a content management system and email hosting. HubSpot has a ton of free tools that you may use to manage your small or developing business, even though their paid plans may be out of your price range at $45 per month.

You have immediate access to all of their Hubs beginning plans with their free account. This implies that you are not required to spend any money to make use of their online form builder, email automation tool, free website hosting, live chat function, reporting dashboard, and other services.

You have access to HubSpot’s support resources, knowledge base, and community with all of these tools, and they all have various drag-and-drop features to make your tools easier to use. Even small organizations may get started with HubSpot thanks to its cost structure. Your plan can expand along with your business as it expands.

What HubSpot Offers:

  • Automated email and workflow processes.
  • Cheap email marketing.
  • Contact management and CRM databases
  • Integrated security measures.
  • Tools for generating leads.
  • Website hosting and content management systems.

Conclusion | Selecting the Best Cheap email marketing Software

Cheap email marketing
Cheap email marketing

Selecting the appropriate email marketing software is the first step toward email marketing success. Consider the features you’ll require, your budget, and how much growth you anticipate to determine the best fit for your company.

Even though this post is about inexpensive email marketing services, keep in mind that sometimes the least expensive solution isn’t the best. Although every choice on this list is reasonably priced, the easiest approach to locating the finest email marketing platform for your company is to test out a few different ones.

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