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Top 3 Free blogging sites

Thanks to the large selection of user-friendly, free blogging sites that customers can now select from, starting a blog is considerably simpler and less expensive than it formerly was. The features that each of these blog platforms offers are highlighted in the list we’ve produced below.

You must first decide what sort of site you want to develop and what features you need before choosing a blog website builder. The important aspects you should take into account while deciding on a blog platform are listed below to help you create the perfect blog for you.

Free blogging sites

Here are the top suggestions for free blogging sites you should use to start your first blog and lay the groundwork for your future posts because starting a blog has been so much simpler in recent years.

The history of blogging is extensive and varied. People have been making blogs since 1993 to express their interests, make money, or promote their primary companies. You must be interested in beginning your blog.

You could feel compelled to blog about a personal interest. Alternatively, you could wish to create a specialized blog as a side business to earn money blogging in addition to your regular income. Chances are, you don’t want to spend a lot of money to start a blog, whether you want to do it for family photos, to make money, or to share your hobbies with the world.

Even though there are many blogging platforms out there now, not all of them are free. However, using a free blogging platform lets you try things out without breaking the bank. It’s a great opportunity to express yourself and develop your voice without having to invest much money or effort upfront.

I’ve put together a list of the top free blogging platforms you can use right away if you want to utilize one to run your blog.

What Do Free blogging sites do?

A blogging platform is a website where you can set up and maintain your blog. You may communicate with people across the world by blogging about your ideas, experiences, and other things.

For instance, the majority of blogging platforms offer free domain names, hosting, and simple-to-use tools to assist you in starting your blog.

Using these platforms will make it simple for you to expand your readership and market your site.

How Important Blogging Sites Are?

Free Blogging Sites have many advantages as follows:

  • You have a voice when you blog.
  • Anyone may share their thoughts and stories with others through blogs.
  • You may develop a following of devoted readers and followers via blogging platforms.
  • Your impact expands along with your audience.
  • Blog websites aid in generating leads for company owners.
  • A lot of companies utilize their blog as a sales channel to attract new clients.
  • A business may utilize a blog to generate leads internally for less money than engaging a high-priced lead creation firm.
  • Finally, developing a successful blog gives you a method to network with other companies and influential people in your sector.
  • These connections may result in collaborations, joint ventures, and other things.

3 Free blogging sites

free blogging sites
free blogging sites

In order for you to simply build a blog for no cost, we’ll also strive to direct you toward the exact platform that is perfect for you. Realize the following, it is very important:

The king of free blogging sites is The majority of the website must eventually be developed by you, even if the platform is free. Additionally, you must host the program yourself.

Although you may find some free WordPress hosting, investing a reasonable sum in a reliable WordPress host is a better long-term plan.


In 2006, Wix made its debut as a free blogging platform. Since then, it has given a stunning 150 million individuals access to a website platform. Additionally, 190 nations across the world utilize it.

A website builder with a drag-and-drop interface is called Wix. Because it is a (WYSIWYG) program, you can see exactly how your blog will appear before you press the “publish” button.

They provide a free alternative in addition to a number of premium programs.


Weebly is a good option to consider if you’re a bit frightened by the process of creating a blog. When we used it for our evaluation, we discovered that it was even simpler to use than Wix, which came in first.

The two platforms have many characteristics. Both of them utilize a drag-and-drop mechanism that enables you to easily build a website using a template.

Weebly doesn’t provide as many customization choices as Wix, which is the biggest difference we discovered when evaluating the program. The UI is less crowded and easier to use as a result, which is advantageous for a free blogging site.

The free package, like with Wix, entails a Weebly advertisement on your website and a branded domain name. Additionally, you get access to a number of free themes, customizable layouts, and social sharing tools.

You can remove the advertisements, obtain a personalized domain, and access additional customization features with a premium subscription.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions | Free blogging sites

free blogging sites
free blogging sites

Which blog platform is ideal for newcomers?

The best blog sites for beginners are those that have a simple drag-and-drop website builder, so you may create a blog website without knowing any code. These include free blogging sites, such as Weebly and Wix.

How can I publish a blog for nothing?

A blog may be posted for free in a few different ways. A free subdomain, like those provided in the free Wix, or Weebly plans, can be used to create a blog.

Additionally, you may create a profile on a social networking website like Medium or LinkedIn, make an account there, and then use the website’s publishing features to upload your blog post.

Free blogging sites—Are they free?

Some free blog hosting services are indeed free. Examples of really free plans you may use to create a blogging website and publish your entries are Wix, WordPress, and Weebly.

True free blogs, on the other hand, frequently have restrictions on how much storage you have access to and how many pages you may publish. Additionally, you must use a subdomain with the name of the free platform, and its adverts can display on your blog pages.

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