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Can I start my own website

Can I start my own website? and What are the Steps to create a professional website?

Can I start my own website? Yes, creating a website depends primarily on the type of website that you want to make, and the cost of building a website depends on the budget available to you that you want to spend to start your website, as the cost of creating a website can reach more than $5,000 when contracting With a specialized web development company, you can design a website for only $35 by yourself using WordPress.

Can I start my own website?

Can I start my own website
Can I start my own website

Can I start my own website? Let’s get acquainted with the most important steps to create a website on the Internet, And we answer the question: Can I start my own website?

Choosing the right domain to create a website

Choosing the appropriate domain for your site is one of the most important steps in creating your own website, as you must choose a domain address that fits the theme of your website, so here are some personal tips to help you choose the appropriate domain.

Make sure that your domain is related to the subject of your website, that is, the visitor to your site can know the subject of your site only through the domain. This is not a requirement, but it is preferable. You can also use your name as a domain address if it is appropriate for your site.

Installing WordPress on hosting

Bluehost hosting installs WordPress automatically and there is no need for you to take any additional steps to start using WordPress on your website. Bluehost Hosting is the first hosting company recommended by the official WordPress site for anyone who wants to create a website using WordPress, especially if they are Beginners in creating and designing websites.

Can I start my own website? WordPress is a free and open-source tool that enables you to start creating a professional website quickly and in less than 10 minutes without the need to know or use programming languages. WordPress was designed so that everyone can create their own professional website.

Install the appropriate template to create a website

Can I start my own website
Can I start my own website

complete the talk about I start my own website? There are many options for templates or themes available for the WordPress platform, including free ones that can be installed directly from within the WordPress control panel, including paid professional templates or themes such as the template that we use on this site, which is a professional WordPress template that supports the Arabic language in an excellent 

So, the first step that must be taken after installing WordPress on hosting and logging in to the WordPress control panel is to change the template or theme and install the template that suits your site, whether you want to install a free WordPress template or get a paid professional template.

 Install the necessary WordPress plugins

What distinguishes the WordPress platform is that you can install auxiliary plugins to get the features that you want to add to your website with ease, as there are a very large number of free plugins available that can be installed and activated on your website directly from within the WordPress control panel.

Plugins in the WordPress platform help you to get additional features and features on your site, and they also make it easier for you to do many repetitive tasks on the site, which makes the task of creating and customizing a professional website much easier, so we have prepared a comprehensive guide in this Arabic WordPress site that contains The most important WordPress plugins that we recommend obtaining and installing on your site.

 Create basic website pages

Can I start my own website? After completing the creation of a new website, the basic pages must be added from the main page of the site, the contact us page, the about us page, the privacy policy page, and the site terms of use page, as these pages contribute to making your website appear professional and distinctive, and these pages also contribute to improving the experience Browsing for your website users, making it easier for them to get to know your project or site better, and to communicate with you if necessary.

You can add pages to your website easily from within the WordPress control panel, just click on the Pages tab from the side menu and then click on the option to add a new page, or you can also click on the plus sign (+) located in the top bar in the control panel WordPress and then select a new page.

Website customization and settings

Some recommended settings should be set in WordPress to get the best results and best performance for your website. Complete the talk about Can I start my own website? You can set the language options for the site, the options for displaying pages and posts, customizing menus, colors, time and date options, and a lot of other settings that you can change in the way that suits you.

All of these options are easily customized from the site customization section in the WordPress control panel, all you have to do is click on the (appearance) tab from the side menu and then click on the (customize) option to be directed to the site customization interface.

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Marketing for the new website

Can I start my own website
Can I start my own website

After your new website has been created and is ready to receive users, the time comes for you to market and promote your new website and introduce users and customers to it. There are many possible ways for that, such as improving the site’s appearance in Google search results (SEO) or marketing it on social media platforms or through paid ads, and many other ways to introduce users to your site and sell it.

In general, the option of marketing your website by improving its appearance in search engine results is the best, because the visits that come from search engines are targeted and high-quality visits, meaning that you write articles and create pages for your site to attract a certain group of people.

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