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What is domain example for beginners? 

What is domain example: A domain name is like a street address online. It makes it simpler for users to find your website by using its internet protocol (IP) address rather than its IP address. Domain names, which consist of a name and an extension, are a fundamental part of the internet’s architecture.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of any website, the entire internet is the domain name. 

What is domain example? You can visit your favorite blogs and online shops thanks to this ostensibly insignificant portion of the World Wide Web.

 Without it, surfing the web would resemble algebra class much more, and creating an online presence would be next to impossible.

What is domain example?

What is domain example? People enter a site’s domain name as its address in their browser to access it. Each domain name is specific to a certain website, similar to a fingerprint. In order to make it easier for people to access the Internet Protocol (IP), which serves as a website’s online identifier, domains were developed. 

Every machine is given an IP address, which is a string of four decimal integers in the range of 0 to 255, separated by periods. 

The usage of words that people can recall is considerably simpler for people than these seemingly random sequences of numbers. 

Complementary question: What is domain example? Similarly to bookmarking a phone number, domain names enable us to keep as

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is in charge of all domain registrations, assigns IP addresses, manages domain registrar certification programs, and maintains a central database of all domain names and their IPs. Additionally, the ICANN is empowered to accept new top-level domains (TLDs), administer them, and even shut them down if they don’t adhere to the established guidelines.

About What is domain example? We should know that the DNS manages its distributed database system via an inverted-tree hierarchy. The top of the framework on this structure is a dot that acts as the root domain. Depending on their distance from the root domain, the tiers of the domain name space below the dot are separated.

This leads to many domain kinds, each of which has a distinct function:

  • TLDs, or top-level domains.
  • SLDs, or second-level domains.
  • 3.0 level domains.

A domain name’s distinction from a URL

What is domain example
What is domain example

What is domain example? Although domain names are frequently mistaken for a URL (Universal Resource Locator) or online address, a URL consists of several other important components as well. 

Name and extension are the two components that make up a domain name in its simplest form. In this instance, “Wix” serves as the name and “.com” as the extension.

However, there are more components to the address bar in your browser that join together to form the web address for this page.

View the graphic below to learn how each component of a URL works.

How do domains function?

What is domain example
What is domain example

Complementary question: What is domain example? The Internet is a vast global network of computers linked by a network of cables beneath the ocean’s surface. 

Every computer, whether a desktop computer, a laptop, a server, or another type of device, has an IP address that enables it to communicate with the rest of the network to send, locate, and retrieve web data.

Simply said, domain names are just more readable versions of these IP addresses that are associated with particular websites. 

The seemingly random word strings must, however, be converted back to numbers for computers to locate the correct web pages.

The domain name system (DNS) enters the picture here: Every domain name is converted by the DNS into an IP address that computers can understand. 

The DNS servers get a request when you type a domain name into a web browser. DNS servers look for the servers associated with that particular domain name and route your request to those servers. 

TLDs, or top-level domains

The rightmost part of the What is domain example, following the final dot, is referred to as the top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension. It is used to identify details about a website address, like its location and aim. 

There will be 1,487 TLDs available for registration in August 2022, the majority of which were introduced within the previous ten years. 

In the context of talking about what is domain example? Let’s look at the most common classifications:

Generic top-level domains (gTLDs): Commonly abbreviated as gTLDs, generic top-level domains are available for registration to anyone and consist of three characters or more. 

Most domain extension choices are gTLDs, with more than a thousand being introduced recently through ICANN’s new gTLDs program. 

Top-level domains that are backed and regulated by private institutions are known as Sponsored top-level domains (sTLD): The available TLDs are limited, and all registrations must be authorized by the organizations or companies in charge of them and adhere to several predetermined community theme principles.

SLDs, or second-level domains

The portion of a domain name that occurs before the top-level domain is known as the second-level domain (SLD). Typically, SLDs are a group of letters that you use to symbolize your company name and website. 

As an illustration, “Wix” is the SLD in “”

SLDs are sometimes regarded as a domain extension component because registries use them to specify a particular usage for a TLD. 

There are 308 country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), each of which is distinguished by a different two-letter string. 

Level domains

A prefix applied to a domain name to build standalone websites is called a third-level domain (sometimes referred to as a subdomain). It is beneficial for managing large areas that need their hierarchy, such as an online store or a blog.

Third-level domains may occasionally be provided as a cost-free domain name that enables you to create a website. 

For instance, if you create a Wix website, the URL for your free site will have as your username as a subdomain.

You can make your subdomains and link them to the appropriate portions of your website after obtaining your domain name.

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Explanation of examples of domains for beginners

Examples of domains for beginners simply, as the domain can be described as an address written in the browser bar to access the Google website.

Google’s domain is Google, and it is written as, to facilitate understanding, the domain can be compared to a fingerprint; Where it is unique, and each person has a distinctive fingerprint that differs from others.

Domain names available for sale appear on the Internet by service companies such as (GoDaddy or Namecheap), but the truth is that they are not owned by those sites, but are allowed to be resold and profit from them.

 There are some people who rent a wide range of these domains and sell them at different prices, and the price of the domain may differ from one site to another, and the prices are usually close because of what is determined by ICANN, which is the unregistered organization that manages domain names on the Internet.

The best domain examples for beginners 

How is the domain name unique to me? This question may come to your mind, about how to maintain the exclusivity of your domain name.

For example, when you type in your browser:, do you think there is a possibility to reach Facebook, Yahoo or Amazon through this name? Undoubtedly, that could never happen; Because the domain has been linked to the Google site server, and therefore the name will be transferred directly to the Google site * the well-known search engine *.

Just like computers, each device is identified by an IP address which is a sequence of numbers separated by periods, and in a similar way a domain works.

Where a fixed number is assigned to each site on the Internet, and this number cannot be similar to any other site. To find out examples of domains for beginners, follow the following paragraphs.

What is domain in networks

The domain name in examples of domains for beginners consists of a group of letters of the alphabet, and these letters are used to represent the name of a company or trademark, and this is what is known as the “domain” or “domain”.

When you buy a domain, the registrant company registers the domain name and configures its DNS for the buyer for a specific period of time, to be more clear, DNS is the number by which the domain can be associated with the server obtained through the hosting company.

When a domain name is owned by a domain, all information about that domain becomes available in a database known as WHOIS, which allows access to any information about the domain owner and other information related to it.

The purpose of registering domain data

The goal of registering domain data on the Internet from examples of domains for beginners is to enable the executive authorities to use it to solve any potential problems that may arise in the future.

All DNS numbers for the Internet are registered by ICANN, a non-profit organization that manages domain names and IP addresses on the Internet.

Besides, ICANN Corporation, which stands for “The Founding Corporation for Assigning Names and Numbers on the Internet”, also oversees the regulation and administration of domain names on the Internet.

Can anyone buy a domain name for their website? The answer is definitely yes, absolutely anyone can buy a domain name for their site as long as the domain is not owned by someone else and is not linked to any website on the Internet, and you can verify this by entering trusted domain selling sites and entering the domain name to check its availability.

How do I choose the best domain name?

Choosing a unique and exceptional domain name for your website is very important, as the name is the main point of contact between your website and visitors, and reflects your brand identity.

The domain should contain keywords relevant to the content offered by the site, and should be chosen carefully to avoid issues of changing the name later on if you feel dissatisfied, in which case your site may be negatively affected as a result of this change.

Tips for choosing the best domain name

What is domain example
What is domain example

Before looking at the best domain examples for beginners, you should follow these tips:

  • Using the .com extension is often the most popular.
  • Use the most popular keywords in the field of your site.
  • Use a name that reflects the content of your site.
  • Try to use an easy and simple domain name for beginners.
  • Try to make it unique and easy to remember.
  • Avoid using numbers and symbols in the name.
  • Make sure that you are not using the same name as a similar site.

How is the domain linked to my site?

Before explaining domain examples for beginners, it should be explained technically how it works. To understand this, you should know that every website has a dedicated and static IP address, which is represented by a sequential set of numbers like “”, however, you are not required to understand These things, unless you want to learn more about domain work in depth.

It is very difficult for us to remember those numbers that we mentioned earlier to get to the sites we want to reach, but it would be easier to remember them if it was or instead of those complex numbers, and this is where the importance of domain is evident.

The simplest domain examples for beginners

If things are still not clear to you, I will give you a small example of domain examples for beginners: When you want to go to the address of a friend or family member, it is much easier to remember the street name than to remember the coordinates of the address, therefore, having a domain name for any site On the Internet it will be much better than remembering difficult and random numbers.

When you type the domain name of any website in the browser bar, the IP address corresponding to the written name is searched for from examples of domains for beginners. This is where the Domain Name System (DNS) patrol comes in, as it stores information related to the site in its own database.

Thus, the browser fetches that information so that the user can view the site within a few seconds.

Define domain extensions

The final extension is the last part of the address, we will see that it is com, here, the first part www refers to the World Wide Web and it is the Internet Use Protocol, while google is the name of the site being accessed, we will notice that the domain is in the form, and if we look To our website domain, we will find it like this .

The part after the last point is what is known as the extension. There are many extensions such as .com and also .net and .org. When you think of domain extensions, you will come to mind first because .com is considered the most popular extension among other types of extensions.

Types of domain extensions

There are many extensions that are issued constantly, for example from examples of domains for beginners, in 1985 there were a few extensions and did not exceed nine, but with the passage of time more were added until we reached more than 1000 extensions, and among these extensions:

  • .net
  • .org
  • .tect
  • .store
  • .online
  • .press
  • .space
  • .site
  • .io

There are many other extensions that include examples of domains for beginners, and when you buy a new domain, you decide what is best for you, we advise you to use popular extensions that reflect your site.

In addition, some extensions are reserved only for certain institutions such as government and school extensions, and we will make this clearer.

The first extension is .com

What is domain example
What is domain example

The .com domain is one of the most popular and heavily used domains, accounting for 40% of registered domains. This domain is easier to type than any other domain, which makes it familiar to people, in addition, its inclusion in your website address gives it a professional look.

However, there is one challenge if you think about choosing this extension from examples of domains for beginners, which is that most of the names are already booked and you will have difficulty choosing a suitable name for your site, because you will notice that there are a lot of names that have become unavailable and have been registered by other people .

The second extension is .net

The .net extension can be used as a second and better alternative to the .com extension, especially by websites and companies that provide Internet services and networks. However, this does not mean that it is limited to this use only, but quite the opposite.

As it has become considered one of the most used extensions in our time after .com, the .net extension is chosen by some people in two cases:

  • If the domain name you want to register isn’t available at .com, examples of domains for beginners are probably .net.
  • If you’re definitely lucky, however, it’s best to go for a great name or even change the name entirely and find a new domain name that matches your website.
  • Since choosing names similar to other brands will cause a lot of confusion for visitors and make it difficult to compete with big brands that have been operating for many years, the wisdom says, “Always let others imitate you and do not imitate others.”
  • In the second case, if you want to prevent others from using a similar name for your site, you can reserve the same name on a .net domain and then direct users to your main site on a .com domain, for example from our domain examples for beginners.

The third

It is not only part of the expansions intended for educational institutions, universities, and schools, but this extension has become linked to many educational centers in some Arab and European countries.

 Examples of domains for beginners can also be registered with this extension for individuals who meet the necessary criteria and wish to obtain it. This extension is very limited and its policies are somewhat harsh, in order to strengthen the educational system and protect students.

The Fourth Extension .org

“Corporation” is short for “organization” and is used by foundations and non-profit organizations, as well as by some well-known corporations, schools, and associations.

The Fifth

Government entities, ministries, and some other government organizations can take advantage of the “.gov” domain extension, which is managed by the General Services Authority, or what is known by the abbreviation “GSA”, which is an independent entity based in the United States.

Some government extensions

What is domain example
What is domain example

There are many other major domains such as .eg that belongs to the Arab Republic of Egypt and there is also .sa that belongs to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Every country in the world has a special code and extension that can be used either for the country itself or for a region or a specific geographical area.

This type of domain is the perfect choice for websites that target an audience from a specific geographic location or a specific country, and it will have a strong impact on search engines by showing your site to people who belong to the same target region or country.

However, some countries must verify that the person wishing to obtain this domain can reside in the same country as examples of domains for beginners, or that his business or company has a local presence and commercial registration in the same country, and registration is usually done by some institutions government and submit the required documents to them.

Not only that, but some countries impose a prerequisite for the applicant to obtain this type of domain to be over 18 years of age, and the restrictions vary from country to country.

Therefore, you must check the rules and conditions for each country, some countries require that the domain be used after owning it and if it is not used within 180 days it is considered expired.

What are the domain related services?

Most domain selling sites offer distinct additional services, some of which are free and some require additional fees in addition to the price of the basic domain. These services are diverse, including:

Sub domain

As mentioned above, the domain is available in several extensions such as .com or .org, which is known as the main or basic domain, and it can include many subdomains that contribute to organizing the site, which facilitates the organization of the site and browsing its sections smoothly.

A subdomain is a unique part of your website that links to the primary domain. Website owners can create subpages and sections without having to purchase a new main domain.

 These pages of domain examples for beginners can easily be linked to the subdomain and displayed on the website, the subdomain is as follows: Or as shown in the previous image, this is one of the Google help and support pages that link to a subdomain is called Support.

SSL certificates

Security certificates (SSL certificates) are installed on many websites to protect and maintain sensitive user data, keeping it safe while browsing your website.

An SSL Certificate from Examples of Domains for Beginners will help you encrypt all data between the server and the web browser to ensure that users’ personal information does not get into the hands of hackers and hackers, by installing this certificate on your site, you will gain more confidence.

Secure websites can be identified by looking at the website address; If it contains https, then this indicates that the site is secure, if it is only http, then the site does not use a security certificate.

Whois data protection

ICANN organization emphasized on its website the need to include correct contact information and data when purchasing any domain, to ensure the ability to communicate with the domain owner in case of need.

 However, this may lead to the availability of your data to others, as there are sites that allow knowing the owner’s details of the domain such as name, address, registered email, and other information such as the time and expiry of the domain purchase.

In order to solve this problem, there are many web hosting companies and domain sellers that provide Whois Privacy protection service. This service helps maintain your privacy and information on the Internet, so that your data is not visible and available to everyone.

domain levels

What is domain example
What is domain example

The domain link for examples of domains for beginners consists of six parts, as follows:

  1. https:// is short for Secure Encrypted Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and includes the Protected Document Transfer Protocol.
  2. This protocol is a secure means of communication between your browser (such as Google Chrome) and the server that contains the website you are visiting.
  3. You do not have to type it into the browser as it is entered automatically.
  4. The following link represents the global websites on the Internet, and is often used to indicate that you are visiting a site on the Internet. All browsers add this link automatically and you can now abandon its use if you wish.
  5. (ar-wp) is the domain name.
  6. (.com) is the domain extension.
  7. The / sign indicates that you are in a folder, and since it is the first tag, its current location is in the public_html folder.
  8. (what is site domain) is the name of the page or article that can be accessed.

We can reserve the domain name “ar-wp” on the “.com” extension to become the domain “”, and we can reserve it again on the “.net” domain to become the domain “”, and we can reserve it again on A different extension, for example “.org” so that the domain becomes “”, and so on with all extensions.

However, when you reserve a domain name on one of the extensions, no one else anywhere in the world will be able to reserve the same name on the same extension because this domain is unique and special.

Responsible for the domain name system

ICANN is a non-profit organization responsible for developing and implementing various domain policies. ICANN is also the donor organization that has the power to sell domain names to websites and companies that want to sell domain name registrants.

The parties that deal with it when reserving a new domain or renewing the subscription are the websites and companies that have obtained a selling license.

Domain name buying sites

After explaining examples of domain names for beginners, we would like to remind you that in 2022, the best places to reserve the available domain name you desire, known as “domain name registrants” in English, are as mentioned by Forbes, as follows:

  1. Namecheap website.
  3. Google Domain.

Namecheap and Google Domain are the best indisputably, and I have not dealt with in the past, so those interested in the domain concept should familiarize themselves with some important names.

Primary Domain

When you want to reserve a domain from any site, such as Google Domain, you only book the main domain such as On the whole, the reservation process is common in all types of companies and the cost of the main domain is about $15 annually.

It requires that the domain be properly associated with the hosting to ensure that your site works properly, if you reserve a domain and do not associate it with the hosting, the domain will be suspended.

Parked Domain

This domain was purchased by a person and was not linked to any hosting and was left without use. Many people rely on this method to profit from the Internet, where they buy a unique domain and keep it for a certain period of time and then offer it for sale at a high price.

Addon Domain

If you are dealing with a hosting company that allows you to create more than one site on the same server, you can easily create several sites.

Each site needs a different domain, and since the hosting deals with one main domain, the rest of the domains will be added to the same hosting using “Addon Domain”, where the domain is directed to a folder within that hosting.

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What is domain example
What is domain example

A sub-domain is a branch of the main domain, and this means that you can create multiple sub-domains from your own domain.

At the end of the article, we have provided you with the most important details of the best domain examples for beginners, as well as the types of commercial domains for companies.

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