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How does ssl certificate work step by step

How does ssl certificate work? One of the frequently asked questions in the field of websites is the question of how the ssl certificate works step by step.

The site that you own is an online store, so you must purchase it and ensure its effectiveness from a source you trust, so that you can enjoy the features that are available in it, and through this article you can learn how to use it.

How does ssl certificate work step by step

How does ssl certificate work
How does ssl certificate work

We can learn how the ssl certificate works step by step, and then we learn later about all the details related to the ssl certificate. When the browser enters a website, it is asked to provide a certificate trusted by the server in order to create a secure communication channel.

Later, the server and the device can create a protocol based on exchanging security ciphers that include keys in order to start the communication process and send data, and when the server finishes browser requests, it can open the site in a secure way and put the lock symbol in the search bar next to the domain.

How does ssl certificate work? This expresses that the site has become secure and all data is protected with ssl encryption, TLS and HTTPS, and although ssl and HTTPS are two separate things, they share a strong connection industry, as HTTPS is the bridge that enables data to cross over from the server to the user, and it works An SSL certificate as a means of encrypting that data and working to hide it from stalkers.

 SSL certificate

After getting to know how the ssl certificate works step by step, you can now get to know it as it is a Secure Socket Layer protocol, it can be described as a text file that is a layer of protection that encrypts the processes in which data or information transmission occurs when you install it on the server.

In order to be able to understand the role that this certificate plays, you must first know the method by which data is transmitted through the Internet. It takes place between the user’s machine and the server.

At that stage, the role of the SSL certificate appears, as it provides insurance by protecting the data that is transmitted between servers and users by encrypting it, and this prevents hackers from accessing this data during the transmission process, penetrating the site, exploiting it, or stealing it.

Difference between SSL certificate and TLS

After we got to know each other How does ssl certificate work,The TLS protocol is a modern version of SSL, which means that both perform the same task with a difference only in the years of publication. TLS is known as the Transport Layer Security protocol.

And it is used to secure the data transfer process in sites or e-mail, and it has been suggested By the international organization IETF, which supervises protocols related to data transfers through the Internet, the first version of which was issued in 1999 and has been updated so far, and when running any website based on HTTPS, an SSL certificate is required.

Contents of the SSL certificate

An SSL Certificate guarantees a set of information that is as follows:

  • domain name.
  • Also Release Date.
  • Expiration date.
  • Certificate Authority.
  • Also public key.
  • Reference digital signature.
  • encryption.

 The importance of an SSL certificate

The SSL certificate has many advantages that made it important and made it a must for the website owner to obtain it, and that importance is as follows:

Site insurance

The importance of obtaining an SSL certificate and knowing how the ssl certificate works step by step is to secure the data and make it encrypted so that no one can access it or steal it during the process of transmission from the server to the user by doing the security protocols that take place between the server and the user’s computer.

For example, when entering a message site between two people, it is encrypted so that a third person cannot obtain those messages due to the presence of a security certificate for the site, as it represents the first layer of security that protects websites from hackers.

Obtaining the trust of users

Having an SSL certificate allows users to be trusted as it is proof that the site is trusted and secure. On the contrary, when it is not available on the site, this makes it lose a lot of visits, because it prevents browsers from accessing the hosting, and in the event that the browser wishes to ignore the browser warning, all the data that circulates on that site will be unsafe or protected and vulnerable to hacking. There is a possibility of being stolen if these sites are related to financial transactions.

 SEO search engine optimization

ssl certificate work
ssl certificate work

How does ssl certificate work? It is considered one of the basics that must be available in the sites in order to be able to submit to the search engines, which enables them to appear in the first results, is that the site is secured by the (HTTPS) protocol.

which entails having an SSL certificate and knowing how the ssl certificate works step by step and that it is valid and activated As the site that holds an insurance certificate appears in the first results.

and the site that does not have an insurance certificate occupies the last positions in the search indicators, although its purpose is not to create search indicators, but rather the main purpose is insurance.

Types of SSL certificates

How does ssl certificate work
How does ssl certificate worHow does ssl certificate work

How does ssl certificate work? Three main types of SSL certificates are available, depending on the number of secured domains, and they can be identified by the following:

  • Single Domain Certificate: It includes a single SSL certificate that secures only one domain.
  • Wildcard certificate: It is a certificate that secures a primary domain in addition to the subdomains that it secures, and a group of sites that specialize in blogs or pages related to technical support rely on it and fall under subdomains.
  • Multiple Domain Certificate (UCC):
  • It is a certificate that works to secure a group of unconnected and different domains, and it can secure nearly a hundred domains, and it is obtained when there is a desire to buy huge hosting.
  • And companies that provide technical services such as website building services often depend on it. Save the costs you have to pay when purchasing an SSL Certificate for every website you want to create for your clients, and learn how an SSL certificate works step by step.
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How to get an SSL certificate

To obtain an SSL certificate and to learn how an ssl certificate works step by step, you will be required to purchase a domain and go through the process of registering it in order to guarantee the hosting sites. As the first step that the authentication that you issue (SSL) certificates confirm is domain ownership, then you have to go to the sites where SSL certificates are available, and choose an annual plan that is paid for the certificate, then make a CSR request, after that the hosting team will cooperate with Authentication authorities to verify the request and issue the certificate.

How does ssl certificate work? In order to be able to create a website, you must learn how the ssl certificate works step by step so that you can identify the most important features that it provides you, and then you can get a site that brings a lot of visits to you.

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