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Premium Domain Names for Sale: Best Place to Find Premium Domain Names

Premium Domain Names for Sale: Best Place to Find Premium Domain Names


Premium Domain Names for Sale: There are many domain name registrants out there. However, not all offer the best tools for finding the perfect domain name. Some even go out of their way to sell less popular domain extensions (not .com or .net) at cheaper rates.


The is the best domain name registrar on the market. It has a quick and straightforward domain search tool that helps you quickly find the domain name available for the sale.

They offer all the top-level domain names at very competitive rates for newer domain names.

If you want domain names for sale, click on the featured domains tab to find unique, branded, and shorter domain names.

Premium domain names are usually more expensive, but you can choose better.

The makes it easy to manage your domains with a more specific domain management area. You can also point the domain name to the any hosting company and start building a website.

  1. Network Solutions

The Network Solutions is one of the most popular domain registrars, with over 7 million domains registered on their platform.

Apart from allowing you to register new domains with popular extensions like .com, .net,

First click on the Premium Domain Names link from the Domains dropdown menu to purchase a premium domain name for sale.

Once you are on the premium domains page, you can search for the keyword and be presented with a list of premium domains available for sale.

These domains are usually more expensive than new registrations, and Network Solutions states explicitly that they do not negotiate premium domain prices.


NamePros is a leading online community for buying and selling domain names. It’s also a great place to learn about building an online business, investing in domain names, and finding unique domain name ideas.

They have a dedicated domain market section where sellers can list their domain names for sale. Domains are listed as the auctions, buy now, bargains, and bids.


The DNForum is another popular online community for finding unique domain names. Sellers and buyers use the forum to trade domains, conduct auctions, place bids, or seek help from domain name brokers to find a unique idea for you.


The Sedo is one of the largest domain marketplaces in the world. They provide the reliable and secure platform for domain owners to list their domain names for sale.

You’ll find plenty of premium domain names for sale there. Some were used in the past, but most were not used to create a website.

Sedo is also the excellent platform for doing your domain name search. You can find exciting ideas that match your keywords, which you can then use to find similar domain names at a regular price.


Flippa is the world’s leading platform for online selling businesses, websites, and the domain names. It is a marketplace where the sellers list their domain names for the sale. Most of them are the premium domain names listed for auction or outright purchase.

You can view the domain names, follow auctions, or bid on domain names.

If your offer is accepted, you can follow the payment instructions. Sellers usually use Flippa’s escrow service for secure payment and transfer of registration to the buyer.


GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar. They manage millions of the domain names for a considerable number of clients across the globe.

They offer domain lookup tools, domain name generators, and broker services. They also have their premium domain market with auctions.

However, being a large company, they offer many other services and sales, which can confuse beginners.

Many GoDaddy alternatives offer more focused, cheaper, and better services to the competition, ultimately benefiting customers.


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