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Domain List For Sale


If you haven’t heard of Afternic before, keep reading to find out why it is such an essential platform for domain name sales and how you can list your domain names for sale in Afternic.

Afternic is a Godaddy company and one of the leading domain name marketplaces for already-owned domains. Domain name owners can list and sell their domain names through the Afternic website. Most of the time, the domain name owner must approve each domain name through the consent email. The listing application is generally removed or canceled if the domain name owner has not completed the required steps mentioned in the email.

Now you must wonder what is so good and unique about the Afternic domain name sales platform. Afternic is arguably the largest full-service domain name sales marketplace in the world, where dedicated domain name brokers help you close deals as soon as possible. per their website; “A domain name listed on Afternic can reach over 75 million eligible buyers across more than 100 partner sites worldwide.” Reaching 75 million eligible buyers is massive and provides the maximum supply for your domain name inventory.

So without wasting too much time, let’s show you how to list your domain names for sale on the Afternic marketplace through this step-by-step guide:

  • First of all, head over to and click on Create Account to quickly create a member account.
  • Once you have created the account and verified your email address, please prepare your domain name inventory to list your domain names in Afternic. Then, you must click the “List Domains” button (marked with a red oval) above the visible part of the Afternic dashboard.
  • Now that you have clicked the Domain List button, you will arrive at a page where you can add up to fifty domain names at a time using the form on the page or use the file uploader to add domain names in larger quantities. When using the entry box, errors must be fixed by deleting or editing the entry before you can continue to list your domain names.
  • Click on the Continue button, and you will be taken to the page where you will be asked: Add Buy Now Price, Minimum Price, and Minimum Bid to list the domain name for sale. It’s essential to list your domain names at the buy-now price to get the most out of it and expose Afternic/Godaddy’s massive network of over 75 million eligible buyers. You can also sign up for Afternic’s sales acceleration and parking services to increase sales speed and earn money while listing your domain names for sale.

What are the different price inputs?


The probability of selling quoted domains increases ten times; Setting prices also enables Afternic to negotiate on your behalf. This increases the likelihood of selling. What do pricing options mean?

  • Buy Now – This is the published price for immediate purchase, with no negotiation (required for express transfer ranges)
  • Floor – The lowest price is the lowest acceptable sales price that sales can negotiate without seeking approval (not public)
  • Minimum – The minimum is the lowest bid a buyer is allowed to make for a domain name
  1. Once you hit the Submit Domains button, you will be taken to the Review Your Listing page, where you can review your domain name details for the sale listing along with price points before clicking the Submit for Processing button. You can also read the Afternic Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions on this page.
  2. Once you have clicked the Submit for Processing button, your domain name(s) will be sent to set up a domain name sale list.
  3. After completing the above steps, you will receive an email from Afternic DLS at the email address registered to your Afternic account informing you of your domain name eligibility for Afternic Premium Network and suggesting that you sign up for your domain registrar where the domain name you are trying to list is registered. The email should look like this; please refer to the screenshot below:
  4. While waiting for an ownership confirmation email from your domain name registrar, in the meantime, you can update the name servers for your domain name to redirect it to Godaddy/Afternic powered sale page that would help sell your domain name as he did Godaddy has done massive promotion/marketing and is a well known + trusted brand all over the world.

The subsequent name servers to be used are:

  1. The result will be worth it. This is the For Sale page that will appear within 24-48 hours of your domain name being listed in Afternic for sale.


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