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Domain For Sale Template: 7 Best Selling Domains Template 2022 for Selling Domains

Domain For Sale Template: 7 Best Selling Domains Template 2022 for Selling Domains


Domain For Sale Template:: Do you want to sell your domain names and search for some suitable domain templates for sale? So, you are in the right place. We’ve rounded up the best domains for sale, allowing you to create the landing page to sell your domain names to your visitors. The buying and selling domain names is one of the highly competitive markets, with many subscribers making millions by selling the domain they have owned for the several years. You will find every feature in all these templates that you need to sell your domain names. All of these templates come with a responsive design and include multi-domain support. The domain templates for sale also have a countdown timer that you can use to highlight the time left to purchase the domain on your site.

1). Domain Broker Website Template 2


Domain Broker 2 is a responsive domain page designed to sell domain names and comes with multi-domain support. You can easily view multiple domains with the domain portfolio dropdown menu and include a visual editor to make changes to your domain selling site. In addition, it consists of a contact form with Ajax and validation animations, and you can tag your website with background images and textures.

2). Domsell website template


Domsell is a responsive selling template domain that has a simple design. It is packed with the countdown timer, mail form, and beautiful effects and is compatible with all major web browsers. Other features include 14 color styles, eight HTML pages, a jQuery countdown, Google web fonts, CSS3 effects, animations, etc.

3) .DomainPark – Domain Template for Sale


The DomainPark is based on the bootstrap framework and comes with the responsive design which means your site will also look great on all devices. In addition, it is fully compatible with all major web browsers—other formwork features in the contact form, Google font, icons, etc.

4) .DomainX – Domain for Sale HTML Template


The DomainX is built using the bootstrap framework and allows you to create nine different types of templates that you can use to sell your unused or premium domains. It comes in a responsive design and includes a practical contact form. This template has six color versions, Google web fonts, cool font, inline SCSS files, easy-to-use customization, etc.

5). HTML PickDomain Template


PickDomain Domain Template for Sale will be suitable for small and medium business owners and companies that allow you to run domain offerings and other domains. It is built using the bootstrap framework and also provides a layout of 15 home pages. For example, this form has five pages: Google Fonts, a contact form with validation, etc.

6). HTML D4SL Templates


D4SL is designed to create a beautiful modern selling page for selling your domain names. It’s built using the Bootstrap 3 framework and has a responsive design that means your page will look great on all devices like iPad, iPhone, and Android. Includes a perfect background image for each Area of ​​sale. Other features are Ajax view form, SASS, Mailchimp, etc.

7). Area for sale car parking model


The domain is a simple one-page sale HTML template designed to sell unused domains. It is built using the Bootstrap framework and has an internal contact form and a countdown auction timer. Other features are responsive design, compatibility with mobile devices, etc.


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