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Domain for Sale: How do you Sell a Part?

Domain for Sale: How do you Sell a Part?

Domain Trading: How can you make money with the Domains?


In case if you choose the right domain name, it can be worth the lot of money. It doesn’t matter what kind of the website you have published on the web address. In principle, you do not even need a website to start actively trading domains because the address itself is the thing that has value. You can make a fortune if you own a domain that others are eager to claim. But how? What do you need to do to sell the field?

Determining the value of the field


In case if you want to be successful in the domain trading, you must first know the value of some domains. The first reference to the domain value can be found in the URL. Well-known TLDs like .com or .co.The UK is in much more demand than new TLDs like .beauty. Short, short domains are also better than long, multi-word domains. Domains with multiple parts containing unusual words, in particular, are the least likely to sell and fetch meager prices.

To get the better idea of ​​the market, you can use tools like Namebio, which displays the sales price of similar domain names. It allows you to set roughly what fee you can charge for the domain. Of course, if you want to get as much of your web address as possible, but the very high price will deter buyers. Therefore, it is essential to find a good middle ground.

Define the sales path


There are different ways to sell the domain. For example, you can place a visual ad on the domain’s home page – a “For Sale” banner. The Interested parties can contact you directly to discuss the sale. Other domain merchants find great success through eBay. The auction platform has a well-known and reputable infrastructure. If you choose to trade the domains through eBay, you can access the exact features you already know from the other products.

There are also some other sites that you can use specifically to buy and sell domains. For example, platforms like Sedo or Flippa provide the marketplaces where you can advertise the domain. In case if you are also interested in the buying side of the domain trading, perhaps reselling them for a profit, then these platforms are essential.

Announce information


Each domain owner must have disclose contact information in a Whois registry, which is generally open to the public. However, since visible Whois entries are not only questionable in terms of the data protection law but also regularly cause the spam attacks, this information is often hidden. But not regarding domain trading: if you want to sell your domain to make as big the profit as possible, you should make your contact details available. This allows interested buyers, for example, professional merchants, to contact you quickly.

Domain List Design


If you choose a platform where you want to advertise the available domain, create an entry there. As with other upsells, there are a few rules to keep in mind: If you mention the domain name and the price, you probably won’t attract many customers. Therefore, entering the platform may not be attractive enough. However, those who provide the additional information are more likely to encourage potential buyers to purchase.

While it may seem silly initially, you can add a product description to the domain. For example, you can enter the information about the domain’s previous ranking and provide information about the type of domains for which the URL is appropriate. In addition, adding an image is possible: a graphic rewording of the domain name or a screenshot of the previous site encourages market visitors to consider your ad. If it is possible, you can also comment on the range’s current or expected future value, justifying the asking price.

Payment Preparation


For many markets, you can choose between two methods: set a fixed price or conduct an auction. Both have the advantages: a fixed price is more attractive to many buyers because they know exactly what kind of the financial commitment they are making. Others prefer auctions because they feel they can get a bargain. As a seller, you will have the opportunity to achieve a high price in the auction, where the interested parties can bid on each other for the desired range.

You should also consider the specific payment process because selling the range works differently than buying food in the supermarket. The intermediate point between you and the buyer provides mutual protection. This is because so many markets offer a credit service as part of their offer. If you are not selling your domain through a marketplace, you should use a third-party trust service, so there is no legal dispute afterward.

Transfer domains


Once you sell your domain, you must hand it over to the buyer. This process depends on the part’s purchase provider because access rights are also managed there. In the end, the new owner is registered with the register (issuer), and the sale is completed. If you have traded the domain through a niche market, this will usually help you move the part.


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