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Cheap WordPress hosting… 4 most popular types

With more expensive hosting plans, you may frequently access a lot more power or features. But for many websites, Cheap WordPress hosting packages are equally as effective as more expensive ones.

You may get great performance for a small website if you choose a web host with a good reputation and the right bundle for your needs. You may even be able to get away with spending less than $5 a month for hosting in some circumstances.

We’ll cover all the essential information about inexpensive WordPress hosting in this article.

Cheap WordPress hosting

It’s crucial to take cost-effectiveness into account while selecting the finest WordPress hosting, in addition to features and reviews. Free hosting could seem like a good alternative, but it’s crucial to remember that it frequently has restrictions and downsides, such as restricted bandwidth, storage, and sluggish loading times.

In many cases, choosing cheap WordPress hosting alternatives like shared or VPS hosting is preferable to even the finest free hosting. With affordable hosting, you can still take advantage of several features and advantages without compromising on performance or dependability. As a result, it’s important to take into account affordable WordPress hosting choices while making your choice. Let’s get going.

How to Pick Your Ideal Cheap WordPress Hosting Company

Cheap WordPress hosting
WordPress Hosting

Because your website will be dependent on and constrained by the host’s servers and service, selecting a Cheap WordPress hosting company is a significant decision. When selecting a host, several variables may be weighed and contrasted, including each of the following:

Continuity & Reliability

Your server should provide a minimum uptime of 99.9% for your website, and all browsers should be able to load content promptly.

Usefulness & Ease of Use

It should be simple to remotely access your website using a powerful control panel tool.

Customer service

24 hours a day, seven days a week, your host needs to be accessible by phone, email, and online chat to address your queries and address issues.

Web hosting plans for cheap WordPress hosting

There ought to be a bundle that closely matches your particular requirements.


The cost may change significantly between various systems. The ideal business for you must be chosen while keeping your budget in mind. Consider the qualities you require as well. Most provide helpful comparison tools that enable you quickly evaluate each package on offer. The following list of typical packages is explained:

Using a shared server

Although it is the lowest grade available, many individuals find it to be adequate. A single server is partitioned in this package so that several clients can use it and share its resources as needed. Although it is the least trustworthy and secure, it is also the most cost-effective sort.

Online store hosting

There is a specific package for people who want to make sales utilizing a WordPress website. It performs a variety of tasks, including processing payment cards and acting as an electronic shopping cart.

Hosting a VPS

A virtual private server (VPS) is a shared server whose resources have been partitioned for usage by two or more users.

This ensures that no customer’s resources ever overlap and that you always have access to a certain quantity of resources. Businesses, websites with high traffic volumes, and websites that need specialized software installs should all use VPS hosting.

Personalized Cheap WordPress Hosting Company 

The most expensive package is dedicated hosting. With this package, you may lease out a whole server for personal use.

You have the choice of paying the supplier to manage the server or using your IT team. Despite being the most expensive, this variety also offers the most adaptability.

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Cheap WordPress hosting – our comprehensive list

Cheap WordPress hosting
Cheap WordPress hosting

We compared several WordPress hosting companies to see which ones give the most affordable plans while still providing top-notch support. To determine what fits you best in Cheap WordPress hosting, keep reading:


We recommend iPage as the best inexpensive WordPress hosting option for modest websites that require versatile features at a reasonable cost. We can see that iPage is a well-rounded provider because there are no strict restrictions on storage or bandwidth, and it received an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 in our investigation into WordPress hosting.

Most notably, it easily defeated Bluehost, which was ranked second, to claim the top spot for pricing in the same testing with a score of 4.3 out of 5.


One of the few hosting providers that officially recommends is Bluehost. It is thus among the more practical methods available. In addition to all the capabilities you could require to create and launch your WordPress site, Bluehost offers you a lovely custom panel to manage your hosting configuration.

In our hosting poll, Bluehost received hundreds of votes, making it one of the most well-liked providers available.

Despite the low cost, your plan also includes a free domain name, access to free website builders, and one-click WordPress installations.


Regular web hosting managed WordPress hosting, and a variety of additional hosting services are all available from SiteGround. SiteGround lives up to its reputation as being less expensive than other managed WordPress hosting options with comparable functionality because of its track record for dependability and simple-to-use control panel.

You may construct one website with 10GB of web space and 10K monthly visitors with the basic plan. Standard services such as free email, free SSL, and e-commerce capabilities are also included. We appreciate SiteGround’s collaboration and site capabilities, which enable you to grant another person access to the hosting panel and website. You can control permissions to prevent users from altering or changing anything they shouldn’t.


If you’re ready to pay for several years upfront, Hostinger is among the least Cheap WordPress hosting solutions for most WordPress users.

They are comparable to Bluehost in terms of user happiness, and their entry-level one-website plan is $1.99 per month.

But once you start looking at the data, the image gets a little trickier. You must prepay for 4 years of hosting to receive the $1.99 pricing. The next option, a two-year contract, effectively doubles the price. If you want to pay in installments, the price will be around ten times more.

Even with this in mind, 4 years of hosting for one website for about $48 is still a decent price. However, the cost increases to $2.15 each month upon renewal. This just implies that you should purchase the 4 years in advance.

We advise you to invest in the Premium shared hosting plan given Hostinger’s reasonable costs. It begins at $2.15 a month for four years and increases as necessary, much like the Single tier.

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