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Can I make my own domain? yes or no!

Can I make my own domain? A domain name is a distinguishing feature of a website that makes it easier for visitors to find it online. It is similar to the physical address of a building, but instead locates a website on the World Wide Web. Every domain name is distinct, and having one is crucial for organizations and people who want to have an online presence.

Can I make my own domain?

Can I make my own domain
Can I make my own domain

Can I make my own domain? Yes, Domain names consist of two parts: the website name and the domain name extension.The domain name extension specifies the kind of website you have, while the website name is the distinctive name that distinguishes your website from others. In contrast to “.org,” which is used by non-profit organizations, “.com” is the most popular domain name extension and is used for commercial websites. Understanding the different types of domain name extensions is crucial when choosing a domain name for your website.

Creating a website is the first step you take if you want to start working on the Internet, or want to increase the number of customers or sales for your company, as the website allows you easy access to a very large number of users interested in the service or information you provide.

How to create my own domain

complete the talk about Can I make my own domain Where the website is considered a necessity if you want to keep pace with the development and nice progress these days, and whether you are looking for a source of profit from the Internet  and obtaining income that you can rely on from the Internet, or you want to increase the number of sales and customers of your company,

Or even if you want to raise awareness about a particular concept, creating a website is the perfect, easiest, and best way for all these purposes.

The website has become a source of profit or work on the Internet, and a marketing tool

How to create a domain?

After we answered the question:Can I make my own domain Domain is the address of your website that distinguishes it from the rest of the websites on the Internet.

as each website has its own domain address, and it is the address that your website visitors type in the browser bar in order to enter your site.

Thus, the domain address of the Facebook site is and the domain of Google is and so on.

where you must first choose the domain address that you want to obtain, and this step is very important as it is the name or address that will be famous to your website later.

The Steps before create a domain

Can I make my own domain
Can I make my own domain

First, make sure that the domain address of your website is easy to memorize and pronounce, and that it does not contain strange words or numbers, as the numbers make it more difficult to save your domain address.


Secondly, the domain address of your website must be, indicating the content of the site and the services it provides.

Also This facilitates the task of visitors and search engines to identify the quality of the content on your site.

This does not apply to blogs, where you can name the blog with your name or any other name, blogs differ from websites in that most of the visits to them come through search engines, and visitors do not care much about the title of the blog more than the content presented on it.

How to reserve a domain in simple steps


How to reserve a domain is in several steps arranged as follows:

 Choose a domain registrar

The domain registrar expresses the company responsible for selling and reserving domain names, and care must be taken to choose a reliable company for that, as your choice of an unreliable domain registrar may lead to defrauding you and paying you extra money.

To choose the right company to buy the domain name; Keep in mind the following:


There are many companies that offer a very low domain name price, trying to attract customers to buy. But at the same time, it hides additional costs under other names that do not appear until the completion of the payment process, such as the high cost that it requires for annual renewal. So do not rush to pay for the domain name, and read carefully the company’s terms of service and the purchase invoice that it provides to you.

Domain name validity

It is very important to renew the domain name reservation before the expiration of your ownership of it, to prevent others from reserving it and thus transferring its ownership to others.

So it is advised that you choose a domain registrar that has auto-renewal feature and pre-expiry reminder.

Additional services

Look for a domain registrar that offers valuable additional services such as a domain name privacy service that protects your personal information as a website owner from fraudsters’ hands, by blocking it from public records on the Internet.

Also, beware of domain registrars that offer this service and others for exorbitant prices under unreal luxury marketing names.

Domain transfer policy

Your domain name can be moved from one registrar to another. But some recorders make it not only complicated, but also very expensive.

Make sure that the registrar from whom you want to buy a domain name provides this service without obstacles so that you can use it easily if you need to.

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How to reserve a domain

Can I make my own domain
Can I make my own domain

Complete talk about Can I make my own domainDomain reservation is done by purchasing the domain from the domain registration sites, which are many,
and the most famous of them is that the cost of buying the domain is about $ 15 per year.

If you want to get a domain for free, and this is the best, then this is done by subscribing to hosting that offers a free domain to its subscribers, such as hosting Bluehost, which costs only $ 2.95 per month.

Where you will get the domain you want for free for a full year, and it will be linked directly and automatically with hosting to make it easier for you.

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