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Building a multilingual site and the most prominent features of this site

Building a multilingual site As you must be told that having a multilingual site helps you reach new and different segments of the audience interested in the content of your site, and in particular.

Whereas, if the content of your site is useful to many audiences who speak a variety of different languages ​​as well, then in this case the process of providing more than one language for the process of translating the content of your site into all languages, as it is understood by the visitors of your site is very important. .

And then it is the one that increases the degree of the interaction process and then works on the audience’s connection with the content of your site, and then it works to achieve the maximum benefit from the visitors.

Here, we will explain to the photographer the practical steps to work on creating a site that is capable of multilingualism. 

Building a multilingual site

Building a multilingual site
Building a multilingual site

Whereas, when work is done to provide your site in many and many languages, the content of this site will have the opportunity to work on appearing on all searches that will be made in many and many languages ​​as well, and it is not only one language, and therefore it will increase its chance of being The process of getting a larger segment of the target audience for your site.

Since if you are the owner of an online store, the process of providing pages for products and then pages for the process of rating these products in more than one language will help you in the process of achieving more and more sales when visitors who speak more than one language enter your store and then work on Browse all of these products. 

And then this is also done when a visitor from a country who speaks a certain language enters and does not find the content of the site available in this language, so he may leave the site and not return to it because he does not understand the content of the site.

On the other hand, the fact that this site is multilingual will give you the authority to expand the process of targeting visitors and audiences from more than one different country in more than one language, before we start explaining the creation of a multilingual site.

The most important benefits of creating a multilingual website 

Where there are many benefits related to the process of building a multilingual site, and the most important of these benefits are the following:

Work to expand your site’s reach

This is by owning the website where anyone anywhere in the world can see and then browse your site, but the language barrier may prevent some from accessing your site.

So it allows you to create a site that is multilingual in terms of reaching a much wider audience then why limit yourself to a single target group if you can do targeting a number of the largest consumers simultaneously.

Improving the relationship with customers

Then imagine that you want and want to expand your sales area in all neighborhoods of Cairo, Riyadh, or any Arab capital, and send the sales representative as he only speaks English. Of course, marketing your product will fail.

And then this is done when all search engines are configured for another country whose language is different, as it will need an expert in those search engines in this country to work on adapting the language to all your new customers and their culture and at the same time with all search engines in the process of building Multilingual site 

 Other benefits of creating a multilingual website

Building a multilingual site
Building a multilingual site

There are many benefits to the process of building a multilingual site, and the most prominent of these benefits are also the following:

Get ahead of competitors

As a study conducted by the company that we mentioned earlier, in 2015, proved that the investment that all companies make in working on translating the site, and then this will help them to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

Rather, the ranking, along with the publication in 2018, indicated that all companies that are will be included in the top 20 companies in the world, such as Shell and Microsoft, all provide a website in more than 7 languages ​​​​in building a multilingual website. 

SEO optimization

As you know, the basis of the search engine optimization process is the classification of web engines for your site, and this classification is only done according to certain words that are essential, so the process of owning a multilingual website would increase the balance of your possession of various keywords.

This will help you in the process of ranking the top pages of your site in Google, with keywords in various languages.

This can also be a great advantage, especially since more than 50% of the content available on the Internet is in English.

Disadvantages of creating a multilingual website 

Despite the advantages of the process of building a multilingual website, there are many problems that will need solutions from you, including working on maintaining a website that is multilingual is not that simple, and then it will require a great effort. Among the most important disadvantages are the following:

complexity process

Building a multilingual site
Building a multilingual site

It is working on creating a website that is multilingual, and it is considered more complicated than the process of creating a website in only one language, and then this is instead of doing the process of translating the website in one language, then you will have a heavy task to work on translating it into more than one language, and this is as you have to Find the meaning in each word without resorting to a literal translation, which greatly complicates the task if the content of the site or store is very large.

Translation professionalism

It is considered another problem that you have to face, which is the professional translation process. If the content creation process will take time, the translation process will need additional time and experience that must be taken into account, and then you should not be fooled by machine translation in building a multilingual site.

Other drawbacks are specific to the process of creating a multilingual website 

Where there are many defects related to the process of building a multilingual site, and the most prominent and important of these defects are also the following:  

Unavailability of support service in the language set

Hence, this problem is considered by many companies, which is the process of providing a service or product in a specific language, and then also working to neglect the process of providing support or customer service in this language, just as it has provided a multilingual site.

It is also important to work on providing multilingual support, and then you have to be ready to answer all questions of users who speak this language.

As the goal of this language added to the site is not only the process of showing your strength, but that you are able to interact greatly with any questions that come to you from the audience who will use this language because machine translation can be normal for someone who does not speak this language as a mother or primary language, But obvious translation errors can shake a native speaker’s confidence in building a multilingual site.

Tips to help with the process of creating a multilingual site 

Where there are many tips for the process of building a multilingual site, the most prominent of which are the following:

Translate everything

As the details are important, therefore, do not translate all the texts, all the buttons, and then all the menu items, along with the texts, as the submission process, the footer, and all the legal pages, the terms and conditions, and the privacy policy have been emphasized.

Hence, you should not plan in particular in the process of translating the home page, and you should also move away from the literal translation, but rather try to communicate the meaning so that it fits the new language greatly.

Number of languages

Building a multilingual site
Building a multilingual site

Since it is easy to work on translating your site, especially in light of the availability of automatic translations, so you will decide whether you need the process of adding a new language or not, so you have to analyze all the audience’s visits.

 And then you see a lot of sales that are being achieved from countries that you want to translate the language of the site to, and then the need for this country for your site or your business, and in any case it should not exceed 3 or four languages ​​in the process of building a multilingual site. 

 Other tips to help with the process of building a multilingual site

Where there are many, many tips for the process of building a multilingual site, as follows:

Use machine translation 

The work of creating a multilingual site does not mean automatic translation of the site, as we know that working on Google translation benefits and also helps many of all web users.

The solution is to translate an automatic translation, but it must be reviewed by a professional person to ensure that it is free of all errors, as well as to ensure its coordination, and then work to adapt it to the language and culture of the country to which you wish to go.

Search Engine Optimization

Away from the text, and close to the search engines, the important thing is that your site appears to customers, so you need the text to be balanced and at the same time suitable for search engines and Google algorithms to make it easier for your customers to find you in the search results, and the best way to do that is to combine professional translations with International SEO in building a multilingual website 

 Invest in WordPress plugins

Since if you are working on managing your site through the WordPress platform, you may need to invest in doing high-quality WordPress plugins to work to facilitate the task of translation for you, but in any case it is indispensable for you to refer to all these texts to ensure their suitability and safety from any murmur in building a multilingual site.

The most important features of Wilt to create a multilingual website

 Where there are many, many special features related to the process of building a multilingual site 

Reasonable budget

As the Wilt system for developing websites by yourself allows the existence of various packages that suit all people and then companies as well, and therefore Wilt may be the best option for all companies that want excellent quality of the website by working on a unique design along with a reasonable budget in building a multiple site Languages.

Security and support

Building a multilingual site
Building a multilingual site

Since you are with Will, you are safe, because your site is ready, and then it will be completely free of any false codes or defective scripts, or work on distorted design, and that is in addition to our provision of a technical support service for your site in anticipation of any emergency that occurs, Hence, this is a feature that you do not find in the open source WordPress or all other web design platforms that do not provide support service in Arabic in building a multilingual site.

 You can choose your own domain name

If you have a well-known domain and do not want to lose it, you can link it to your website in Wilt, and the premium packages provide you with a free domain, which means less cost and greater reliability in building a multilingual site.

Search engine optimization potential

Wilt provides you with the possibility of SEO search engine optimization for each page of the site, and as knowledge and search engine optimization is very important to build a multilingual site.

The importance of working on local SEO  

Where there is great importance to local torrents in terms of optimizing local search engines, as the process of improving everything related to local search engines or local SEO, we find many advantages.

Which made a large percentage of all the sites that resort to it in order to work on the process of improving its ranking in Google, and among those importance are the following:

  • To reach a large percentage of all local customers through the Internet.
  • In addition to local SEO, it improves and then ranks all results in search engines in building a multilingual site 
  • In addition to the local SEO revenue, as it is considered faster and more extended in the long run than all marketing ads.
  • In addition to the fame of the brand and then the spread of your professional resume.
  • Work to help the public search for you in order to reach you or your place of work.
  • As local SEO works as an alternative to all costly advertising campaigns.
  • Converting a large percentage of the target customers to all the actual customers.
  • In addition to the process of earning the audience’s trust in your business and thus obtaining useful relationships in your business, optimization of the custom engines to local searches.

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The most prominent services for improving the SEO of a multilingual site 

Building a multilingual site
Building a multilingual site

Where the local search engine optimization process has many services, including the following: 

  • Thanks to this advanced nature of everything that search engines like Google contain.
  • This local SEO can work greatly, as it can change completely, and then this can take a lot of effort and time as well in order to achieve this.
  • This is also why so many SEO agencies and all consultants invest in learning how to do all local SEO rather than broader SEO.
  • The rules also vary greatly because you are aiming for a process to achieve various goals.
  • In many cases, these clients also do not mind that this high visibility perform all their commercial activities in local search directories and all business listings.
  • And this is in front of all targeted customers who are searching for cosmetic medical places, or searching for cosmetic medical service in building a multilingual site 
  • And so it is in any other area of ​​local search engine optimization.
  • There are even more other vegan cake shops that are working and fighting each other to get the best ranking on all of the Google search results pages.

At the end of the article, we talked about building a multilingual website, as well as the most important features of the website building process.   

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