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Top 6 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

For 2023, we Advisor has compiled a list of the Best Mailchimp Alternatives. We compared hundreds of candidates using thousands of data points to get this list. These consist of the cost, the scope of the free plan, the features, and user feedback. Although Mailchimp is a very well-liked email marketing tool, it isn’t perfect due to its arbitrary regulations and slow customer support response times.

Best Mailchimp Alternatives

For email marketing:

  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse
  • Hubspot
  • MailerLite
  • Mailjet

These are a few of the top competitors to Mailchimp.

You can make use of this comparison to take your email marketing to the next level by:

  • Implementing sophisticated automation processes
  • Segmenting your subscriber lists
  • Doing A/B testing
  • Building robust subscriber lists without breaking the bank
  • Best Mailchimp Alternatives
    Best Mailchimp Alternatives


If you want a solution that “plays well with others” — that is, has several integrations and capabilities similar to those of Mailchimp, then this Best Mailchimp Alternatives might be of assistance.

Your company will be able to develop and customize your email marketing campaigns using AWeber, allowing you to consistently target the right demographic.

With the aid of its distinctive features, you can increase conversions while creating enduring relationships with your clients and prospects.

Additionally, this application has many connectors, is simple to use with eCommerce platforms/software like Magento or Shopify, and offers a variety of testing possibilities. And all the stuff is reasonably priced.

AWEber the most important features, as follows:

  • One of your greatest options for email marketing is AWeber, especially if you’re seeking a Mailchimp substitute.
  • In further detail, it gives you the chance to employ autoresponders, assisting you in maximizing user engagement.
  • Not to add that they offer email marketing statistics and a respectable template library with HTML templates to support your campaigns.
  • Additionally, the service offers a mobile app that makes all functions available at any time. Moreover, this Mailchimp substitute may help you out a lot with email campaigns and segmentation choices.

Constant Contact | Best Mailchimp Alternatives

An SMB email service provider is Constant Contact. They are similar to MailChimp but more expensive.

Constant Contact is preferable to Mailchimp for those just getting started with email marketing that wants basic functionality and ready-to-send templates. Its email builder isn’t quite as feature-rich as Mailchimp’s, but it includes more than twice as many email templates (over 200), which will cover you for almost any campaign you’re sending.

Although Constant Contact doesn’t have as many automation options as Mailchimp, it can automate welcome, birthday, anniversary, and resending emails. It also lets you create processes for e-commerce websites.

The email service provider for SMBs is Constant Contact. Although quite expensive, they are equivalent to MailChimp.

Constant Contact is preferable to Mailchimp for people new to email marketing who want straightforward functionality and ready-to-send templates. Although Mailchimp’s email builder isn’t quite as feature-rich, it offers twice as many (over 200) email templates as Mailchimp, so you’ll be covered for almost every campaign you send.

The automation capabilities of Constant Contact aren’t as robust as those of Mailchimp, but it can automate welcome, birthday, anniversary, and resending emails. It also lets you create processes for e-commerce websites.


Another well-known platform in the email marketing sector is GetResponse Best Mailchimp Alternatives, which has also evolved to fit the needs of contemporary businesses in 2023.

Your whole marketing funnels, including social advertisements, audience development, landing pages, webinars, pop-up lead collection, and payment processor connection, can be created, managed, and implemented with the aid of their brand-new “Autofunnel” tool.

Popular all-in-one email marketing tool GetResponse features list management, marketing automation, and comprehensive newsletter features.

GetResponse, another excellent marketing automation option, provides a broad range of special premium features including a landing page builder and a webinar tool. 

They also tout themselves as one of the simplest email newsletter solutions on the market and provide a ton of extras like free iStock picture images and an iOS and Android app for sending campaigns while you’re on the move. But would we compare them favorably to Mailchimp?


Hubspot is a solid Mailchimp substitute, but it has many more features. It’s a sizable product package that works well for both sales and support teams and is more appropriate for companies.

HubSpot Best Mailchimp Alternatives, which bills itself as an all-in-one CRM platform, is a strong substitute for Mailchimp for both sales and marketing departments.

HubSpot supports business growth with its carefully developed marketing, sales, and customer service solutions, which are dispersed among 5 ‘hubs’ and comprise a vast variety of features.

The five hubs—Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Operations Hub, and CMS Hub—can be accessed with the subscription version.

As an alternative, HubSpot provides several “lite” versions of its commercial solutions through its free tools.

It’s reasonable to say that HubSpot provides a full-service digital marketing and email platform for the modern marketer, including contact management, live chat, SEO, sales playbooks, and help desk capabilities.

Best Mailchimp Alternatives | MailerLite

If you only need a straightforward, user-friendly email platform, Mailerlite is a good choice and another less expensive alternative to Mailchimp.

Another strong email marketing solution and an excellent Mailchimp substitute are MailerLite. It has a drag-and-drop email editor that is user-friendly for beginners and pre-made email templates for various campaigns.

To gather leads, you may utilize landing pages, pop-ups, or integrated registration forms. To assist you in succeeding, they provide a ton of customization possibilities and templates.

You can target the appropriate users at the appropriate time thanks to its robust email automation, segmentation, and personalization tools.

With their integrated real-time reporting tools, you may evaluate your marketing initiatives or conduct A/B testing to enhance your campaigns.


The long-standing tool Mailjet is the last, but certainly not least in our list of Mailchimp substitutes. It is prepared and eager to provide consumers with all the expertise, automation, and innovation they may require.

You can monitor and analyze your mailing lists and the responses of your subscribers in real-time with Mailjet.

Additionally, this Mailchimp rival is simple to use, which attracts many newcomers even if some have had issues, as was to be expected.

Although their designs are branded for the free plan, Mailjet also provides a significant selection of email templates, but it is not appealing.

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