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13 Best Social Media Management Tools Online

Looking for the 13 Best Social Media Management Tools to help you manage your social media marketing activities and save time?

We’ve included 13 excellent social media management tools in this post that may assist you with scheduling, automatically distributing out-of-date information, producing social media photos, assessing performance, and more.

13 Best Social Media Management Tools

13 Best Social Media Management
13 Best Social Media Management

Finding the 13 Best Social Media Management Tools for you is crucial because there are many of them available. Get this handy small list instead of paying for something you won’t use. According to Lately, we compiled the top 13 social media management tools. I hope the best tool wins.

  • 13 Best Social Media Management Tools List: Revive Old Post

Resharing content is a fantastic technique to draw attention to previous entries in your content library.

You may specify the number of posts you want to share, the number of days before sharing, and the time interval between each post-share using Revive Old Post. This social media management software’s free version was created primarily to target the two main marketing platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

You would need to purchase the premium edition if you worked as a professional marketer and wanted more visibility on sites like LinkedIn or Pinterest.

  • Sprout Social

Due to the platform’s accessibility, publishing options, and statistics across all major social media sites, we selected Sprout Social as our top pick with the 13 Best Social Media Management Tools list overall. Furthermore, this vendor offers one of the longest free trials in the sector.

  • Monday

Best for handling campaigns for modest to large enterprises.

You can plan the content and track the campaigns with the help of the marketing management software that offers. It can offer statistics for social media. It has a wide range of other features, including competition analysis, keyword research, and blog planning.

You may learn a lot from the marketing management platform at By using autopilot, you may automate repetitive processes. It enables you to transfer data from numerous tools to and interact with the marketing platform of your choice.

  • Our 13 Best Social Media Management Tools List: Social Pilot

SocialPilot is an easy-to-use and straightforward social media management solution for individuals just getting started with a management tool.

The program has a curated content list based on categories and keywords, in addition to posting and scheduling, and it will automatically distribute to your feed.

To help with better planning, SocialPilot provides in-depth analytics reports. Users will be able to discern what audiences are interested in and track growth trends from content performance and audience data in order to keep producing content.

  • Agorapulse

  • 13 Best Social Media Management
    13 Best Social Media Management

Small companies may manage their social media profiles, grow their communities, and moderate content with Agorapulse, a strong and effective tool. The user-friendly design of Agorapulse makes it simple to use from the first. It provides adaptability, quick learning curves, and reputable customer support.

It is also compatible with all of the main social networking platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

So, we put it in our 13 Best Social Media Management Tools list.

The program can automate user involvement, schedule posts, run competitive analyses, and provide comprehensive reports.

Plans from Agorapulse start at $99/month when paid monthly and $79/month when billed yearly for small enterprises. This package includes email assistance, up to 300 active advertising, two team members, and ten social media accounts.

  • Zoho Social

If you currently use Zoho’s CRM or webinar software, Zoho Social will connect effortlessly because it is a part of the Zoho ecosystem. The complete brand management component of marketing strategy is where Zoho Social really shines, not just the social media publishing schedule.

You have immediate access to a comprehensive summary of all brand mentions, postings, engagements, and relationships.

You have all the information you need to make wise choices about your brand’s visibility and lead generation on social media thanks to the customized reports.

If you already use other important Zoho platforms, Zoho Social is the finest social media management solution for you.

  • Sendible

  • 13 Best Social Media Management
    13 Best Social Media Management

Sendible has don a fantastic job of focusing, trying to particularly adapt its social media management software to agencies and other major enterprises that handle a variety of social media networks.

To make social media administration as simple as possible for their consumers, they also provide a variety of useful connectors. So it is one of the most important choices on our topic in which we talk about 13 Best Social Media Management Tools.

  • Buffer

Buffer is a service that makes it simple to share and manage social media accounts on well-known networks. With the help of Buffer, you can make the most of social media by posting content when your target audience is most likely to be online, despite its primary use as a scheduling tool.

You may sign into many social networking platforms at once with Buffer, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, and others.

Your browser’s Buffer button makes it easy to share material right away. With only one click, you may schedule the link to go down the queue or share it on other social media platforms.

  • MissingLettr | 13 Best Social Media Management Tools

The greatest social media management tool for finding content and sharing blogs is MissingLettr.

Making social media drip campaigns is simple with this social media software. Instead of random, unrelated posts, social media marketing efforts are the main emphasis. It works well for advertising new books or online courses on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Running a blog makes it extremely simple to share your blog entries and find pertinent blog posts from other websites.

If your social media approach is more text-based than image-based, MissingLettr is your best option.

  • HubSpot

  • 13 Best Social Media Management
    13 Best Social Media Management

One of the 13 Best Social Media Management Tools is HubSpot because it’s best suited to major businesses with substantial marketing budgets.

HubSpot is a comprehensive social media management solution designed with the wealthy class in mind. It makes sure that all of your marketing initiatives are consolidated into a single, broadly adopted platform.

Its long list of capabilities to increase any company’s social media appeal includes things like email monitoring, lead generating, SEO, and even customer relationship management.

  • Hootsuite

Due to the abundance of learning resources and features for small teams, Hootsuite was selected as the best social media management platform for NGOs. Additionally, it offers non-profit organizations discounts so they may benefit from services like brand monitoring and social analytics without having to spend a fortune.

Hootsuite has dominated the market for social media management for more than ten years. The first platform of its sort in the world, it has remained ahead of trends by releasing features like ad analytics and reporting, a content and asset library, team productivity reporting procedures, research reporting, and integration with over 150 tech platforms.

Mention notifications, an AI messenger, and an intuitive dashboard for monitoring client discussions and interactions are some of Hootsuite’s outstanding features. Users get fast access to millions of online discussions in real-time thanks to Hootsuite Insights, powered by Brandwatch.

Businesses may do keyword or subject searches inside these chats and filter the results based on date, demographics, geography, and other geographic data.

The data analytics tools in Hootsuite may assist businesses in locating thought leaders in their fields and in understanding how they are viewed by consumers. Businesses may respond to comments on Twitter and Facebook without ever leaving Hootsuite thanks to its mention alerts, which also save them significant time.

  • SEMrush

13 Best Social Media Management
13 Best Social Media Management

SEMrush’s SEO tools and processes assist you in increasing visitors. Discover millions of national and local keywords by tracking SERP ranks and doing technical SEO audits. Analytics is the focus of SEMrush. It allows you to track competition ad copy changes and examine Google Shopping ad campaigns in addition to traffic analysis for any website.

They are as established as it comes, having won 14 international awards and been used by 30% of Fortune 500 organizations. By consistently producing high-quality leads and automating client reporting, they assist you in streamlining your agency operations for expansion. They have a stronghold in the social media management sector.

  • 13 Best Social Media Management Tools: Loomly

A social media management platform for branding and content production is called Loomly.

Loomly isn’t yet a completely integrated solution when compared to other social suites. Sadly, they do not offer elements that larger companies value, like listening and monitoring, because their primary concentration is on content development.

Loomly does offer a visual calendar and a function that suggests material to help social media administrators with their curating approach.

Despite not having a social inbox at the moment, they do provide social monitoring and client management services.

Although Loomly doesn’t include an influencer search tool, we still think it’s a decent option for certain solopreneurs and small businesses.

Prices range from $26 to $269 per month, payable yearly.

Why Use Tools for Social Media Management?

13 Best Social Media Management
13 Best Social Media Management

In terms of how we communicate with brands and one another, social networks are a tool, unlike anything that has come before them.

After we got to know the 13 best Social Media Management Tools, we have to discover the reason behind using these tools.

You may, among other things, promote your business on social media, build your brand through written and visual content, and connect instantly with people across the world.

By optimizing your social media presence and leveraging all of the platform’s capabilities, the right management platform might benefit your business and aid in anything from marketing to customer service to sales.

With features like automatic postings and a consolidated social inbox, each solution in this software market is specially designed to handle your social media activity.

To have the finest social media management possible, there are a few key elements connected with these platforms and purchasing considerations related to the intended usage of these goods inside your business.


13 Best Social Media Management
13 Best Social Media Management

You will start to get a lot of data that has to be analyzed when you deploy your social media management software application. Look for a solution that connects with social analytics software, or gather and analyze information on consumer demographics, reaction and handling times to incidents, satisfaction ratings, and social media presence rates.

A solution with the capacity to show your data in a report with structure can also be something you desire.

You can correctly assess the efficacy of your social media plan if you have access to a variety of data types.

Capacities for monitoring

Native monitoring tools or social media monitoring software can be used in conjunction with social media management solutions to supplement them. There are probably several social media profiles for your business on various platforms.

Cross-channel monitoring tools let you keep an eye on activity across all of your accounts at once. This boosts productivity, enhances notifications and reaction times, and centralizes gathered data.


Depending on their region, age, and other factors, customers vary. Analysis of consumer groups in light of their demographics is therefore crucial.

This enables your personnel to respond to any events in line with the demands and motivations of the client base. Opt for a product that lets you filter data and outcomes based on demographics.


Social media management solutions gather information that may be used by other applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software.

This gives you access to information on general customer behavior as well as social media-specific behavior, which may help you better understand why customers behave the way they do and figure out how to increase customer satisfaction levels.

To enhance their support system and inquiry handling, several businesses combine their social media management program with outside customer support resources.

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Management of reputation

13 Best Social Media Management
13 Best Social Media Management

Social media management software frequently provides features like brand competition monitoring, staff tracking, alerts, and notifications that assist in analyzing your reputation and market presence on social media platforms.

To interact with consumers and address complaints, it is crucial to utilize your software to monitor notifications of social media mentions and conversations linked to your business.

Thus we have presented you 13 Best Social Media Management Tools on this topic and it is time to choose the most suitable tool for your work

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